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Kamala Harris Reaction After Making History!!!

Kamala Harris has been elected as a vice president and made history as the first South Asian and Black woman to be named a vice president in US Political history, following the Elected president as Joe Biden with a massive number of votes.


Joe Biden is now the 46th president to be Elected in the presidential ElectionElection of the US; he put an end to Trump’s imaginations on 7th November, Saturday.

Harris made a tweet with a video after the news of ElectionElection is confirmed, she wrote: “This ElectionElection is about so much more than Joe Biden or me. It’s about the soul of America and our willingness to fight for it. We have a lot of work ahead of us. Let’s get started.”

The politician, 56, also changed the bio; she added “Vice President-Elect of the United States” in her Twitter bio.

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