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Kanye West Lost Court Case For Getting On Wisconsin Ballot

Kanye West Has lost a legal battle by which he ha da chance to appear in the election ballot in Wisconsin.

After failing the deadline for his nomination paper, Kanye West was disqualified from appearing in the states Ballads.

The rappers team argued that they are in the right time frame; they had failed a deadline of 5 pm by a mere 14 seconds.

According to the TMZ, Judge John Zakowski said: “there is significant difference between 11.59.59 pm. and one second after midnight,” and continued by adding, “the passage of a second after midnight confers an entirely new day.”

Kanye West Lost Court Case For Getting On Wisconsin Ballot
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Kanye team said that when they arrived, the building was locked because they called the commission to get in, which delayed them. The rapper mentioned that the deadline is 5 pm, so it does not expire till 5:01 pm, and along with this, his papers have still been accepted by the staff.

Judge Zakowski said by outlining his decision, as per NME:

The unfortunate fact is this dispute could have been avoided had the West representatives arrived earlier.

Candidates need to plan and arrive in time to get into the building and file the papers in the commission’s office before the deadline; there are no exceptions under the statute or the relevant case law.

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