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Kanye West Spent $6 Million On Presidential Campaign

Kanye West has taken a loan of more than $ 6.7 Million for the presidential campaign, split between July and August.

Kanye West Spent $6 Million On Presidential Campaign

According to West’s Campaign finance report, the artist took a personal loan of $6 million for the presidential bid up to date. This report was filed with the Federal Election Commission on Friday “September 4”. As per the report, $ 5.86 million were spent on consultants and fees. In the forms, West has mentioned as ‘Self Employed’ or ‘Entrepreneur.’

The fundings from the eight relatively small-dollar donations about $200-$1,000 are the primary source of income of this campaign.

Till now, the campaign’s debit history is about $1.2 million, which is all owed by the ‘Fortified Consulting’ of Tempe, Arizona. The campaign was launched in July. West mentioned that he planned to run as part of the “Birthday Party.”

As a part of his campaign, West has made a handful of a public appearance. The consultancies handle all the work of the campaign with mixed results. West was kicked out through the ballots in Arizona because He is a registered Republican, and thus he is ineligible to share a ballot with President Donald Trump. West is expected to appear in the handful of the other states, including Tennessee, Iowa, Idaho, and Utah.

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