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Kate Garraway Makes Emotional Plea to the Public to Follow Coronavirus Rules

TV presenter, Kate Garraway, issued a heartfelt plea to the people to follow the guidelines set by the government to stop the spread of the notorious coronavirus.

Kate’s husband, Derek Draper, has been hospitalized for six months. According to The Sun, he is the longest surviving coronavirus patient who is still receiving treatment in the hospital. He was first hospitalized in March after falling ill with the coronavirus. He was later put in a medically-induced coma, which was supposed to last a few days but eventually lasted 10 weeks. Kate said it had felt more like 10 years, but she was “grateful he’s still here.”

In her touching speech on the show, Good Morning Britain, Kate sympathized with those frustrated by the rules the government has put in place. However, she urged them to keep following these rules, saying, “I think if you haven’t been directly touched by it, but your life has been devastated, then, of course, I think you’re going to get frustrated.

“It makes me tempted to show them a picture of Derek in his current state and say: ‘You don’t want this in your life.'”
Kate, the mother of two kids with Derek, confirmed that her husband is now free from the virus but is still in a critical condition.

Garraway also revealed that Derek’s parents haven’t been able to visit him for six months. She added, “If they can go six months without seeing their son who is desperately ill, the rest of us can probably get through, you know?”

Kate Garraway Makes Emotional Plea to the Public to Follow Coronavirus Rules

She agreed that the rules may be unclear, but said, “there is so many shades of grey. If we stick to the basics we can hopefully get through it.”

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