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Katharine Ryan Sleeps in her Daughter’s Bedroom …Not with Husband!!!

The comedian Katherine Ryan sleeps in her daughter’s bedroom, instead of staying with her husband.

Katharine Ryan Sleeps in her Daughter's Bedroom ...Not with Husband!!!
(Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images for Global Citizen)

She entered into a relationship with Bobby Kootstra; while shooting for “Who Do Think You Are?” in Canada. Though having seriously in a relationship, Katherine is not having any grown-up sleepovers with Bobby.

They have sex in the morning after the children go to school. Katherine told Radio Times about her husband; He didn’t do the other things that she had experienced in relationships. Bobby didn’t demand undivided attention; he was not in competition with her daughter.

She still sleeps in her daughter’s room in her sleepover bed. Katherine doesn’t sleep in her bedroom with her husband. Katherine has an 11-year-old daughter named Violet. She dated Bobby in Canda when they were teenagers.

Katherine also said; I accidentally bumped into Bobby in Canada filming, and it was meant to be a one night stand. But he was so sweet that “I didn’t have a reason not to stay with him.”

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