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KATIE PRICE BEGS FOR HELP TO FRIENDS …Harvey Reaches 28 stone!!!

Katie price have taken to her Instagram and pleased with her all millions of followers because of her eldest son, Harvey’s weight reaches to 20 plus a half stone, she bwas found pleasing for gym equipments.

KATIE PRICE BEGS FOR HELP TO FRIENDS ...Harvey Reaches 28 stone!!!
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Her son is suffering from multiple health issues which results in appetite and also effects the weight including an under-active thyroid and Pradee Willi syndrome.

She said on an Instagram story: “Can anybody help I’m looking to rent a treadmill and rowing machine for Harvey that can take his weight 28 half stone and other gym bits as through lockdown I have to make sure he can excersise at home please help dm me??”

Katie previously mentioned to Daily Mail, that reads: “He is also compulsive about routines. Nothing must disturb Harvey’s ordered world, or there is hell to pay.”

“The cake is another matter. Harvey eats and eats, and if I did not stop him he would do so continually. He is prone to weight gain, but he is not greedy. He has a clinical condition.”

“So he is bigger than most kids. But to the ignorant, Harvey is just a big, fat, blind kid and he has been called that many times.”

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