Katy Perry revealed Taylor Swift’s Gift For Baby Daisy …Hand Embroidered!!!

Both have a well-publicized spat from years, but both pop-stars Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, have just put an end and left the past behind them in recent days. Katy has sent an actual Olive to Taylor Swift to end their feud.

Katy Perry revealed Taylor Swift's Gift For Baby Daisy ...Hand Embroidered!!!
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Recently welcomed her small baby girl, Daisy, into the world with her fiance Orlando Bloom and now taking her care cautiously.

Taylor showed her kindness once again by sending a thought and adorable gift for baby Daisy.

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Showing the gift which was gifted by Taylor to her baby, Katy posted a snap of the most beautiful and thoughtful, hand-embroidered blanket and gave the word ‘Baby Bloom.’

Katy told the fans by captioning: Katy told fans, “Miss 🌼🕊 adores her hand-embroidered blankie from Miss @taylorswift 😩😩😩 hope it’s one she drags around for years till it becomes an unrecognizable shred that she keeps in her pocket as a teenager 🥺♥️.” (sic)

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