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Katy Perry Shared Video Of Breast Pumping And Also Said That She Will ‘Twist Nipples’

Katy Perry had shared a video urging all the US citizens to vote in the elections of 2020; it is what she believes to be getting pumped in the new meaning.

In the 90 second long video that says the Americans, “exercise their right to vote,” which was made by a legendary fitness guru Jane Fonda, Katy is giving her twist in the video for the subject.

The singer, 35, had welcomed her first daughter recently and named her as Daisy along with her fiance Orlando Bloom and also admitted that for the specific subject she is not on the same page with him.

And further captioning the video Katy wrote: “GET PUMPED TO VOTE!!! Okay so @orlandobloom and I have different views on what it means to get pumped these days but whoever said pumping isn’t a sport… I’d like to twist their nipples clockwise for one week straight.”

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Katy continued: “ANYWAY I am going to exercise my right to vote!!!! Especially if @JaneFonda says I should.”

“We’re getting in shape for the race of our lives this November and it has never been more important to #ExerciseThatVote.”

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