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Kenya Moore Miss USA and Marc Daly, Where They Stand Now? She Reveals

Kenya Moore Miss USA Reveals where she and Daly Stand at this moment.

Kenya Moore Miss USA, Kenya Moore Miss USA talent, Kenya Moore baby
Getty / Kenya Moore Miss USA

In season 12, the viewers watched that their wedding was falling apart on “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” and the question still is: Is it between the pair, Marc Daly and Kenya Moore?
Kenya Moore baby

But Kenya Moore’s accordance said a big “nope”.

The of reality who have made an appearance on Sunday night on “Watch What Happens Live” following the premiere of season 13 and their only she was asked an interesting question by one of her fan, their relationship status, where they stand?

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Kenya Moore Miss USA talent during her reply, she said: “I have not filed for divorce. He did file and withdrew it less than 24 hours later, so we’ve kind of gotten past that.”

Kenya Moore Continued: “Right now, Marc is really fighting for his marriage, he wants to go to counseling, he’s made appointments.”

“He’s asking to publicly apologize to me and a lot of things that I never thought I’d see the day.”

Kenya Moore Miss USA
Kenya Moore Miss USA, Kenya Moore Miss USA talent, Kenya Moore baby

Kenya Moore marriage split this year earlier on TV; she has said that she believes “when you’re married you have to try everything to stay together.”

“If you exhaust everything, you will have your answer at the end of the day,” She mentioned.

“Right now, yeah, if he’s going to be a changed person, yes. If he’s going to be the Marc that you’ve seen, no,” at the time, she said.

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