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Khloe Kardashian Once Again Shocks Her Fans with Her Ever-Changing Looks

Khloe Kardashian once again shocks her fans with her ever-changing looks. She had posted on Instagram a picture of her in a graphic-print corset top and skin-tight latex trousers with a caption about heatwaves.

All that we could see was, however, not a proof of heatwave but a shocking new appearance in the picture — there was a Khloe Kardashian we could not recognize. A fan had been quick to state the obvious by commenting, “She looks different every week!” Another had mentioned just how different she looked saying, “I thought this was Ariana Grande for a sec.”

Still, as you would expect, while some clearly stated just how gorgeous she looks, some showed their dislike of Khloe’s ever-changing look. A comment had read, “Literally said, ‘who tf is that?!’ Khloe is not Khloe anymore😔.”

And what was Khloe doing while this was ongoing? Well, it was obvious she was following up on the comments as she is seen replying to some comments. She had replied a comment that read, “money well spent.” with, “🤣🤣🤣 the shade of it all.”

Her attention to the comments was also revealed as she took to Twitter saying, “I’ll never understand how bored or unhappy some people can be. I am someone who would never comment something unless it’s positive.

“I believe in uplifting and complimenting one another. Who has the time chiiiillllldddd?! Time is precious boo. I’m spending it on happy things.

“With that being said, I love you guys!! I truly wish you all things beautiful in this world because there still is so much beauty. You just have to look through the BS but it’s there.”

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