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@kp_depop; Katie Price Is On Depop, Selling Clothes!!!

@kp_depop; Katie Price is now selling off her clothes on Depop.

katie price children

@kp_depop katie price children

The former glamour model, 42, who has recently declared bankrupt in 2019, November, is now cleaning off her home by sharing the unwanted fashion stuff on Depop, a fashion marketplace site.


She has also opened a new IG account and named it “KP_depop,” which she dedicated to the announced venture and planned sales to her 2.3 million followers, which she already has on her personal Instagram account.

Katie said: “Guess what? It’s that time. I’m up with the times. Depop! I’ve started a Depop and we’ve been going through my clothes today, look!”

“So look forward to the Depop coming up on The Price and everything else. Woo!”

And captioned the video: “My new Depop page is @kp_depop things for sale very soon.”

And while speaking to The Sun, she said: “It’s a cruel illness. He feels hungry all the time. Every time I feed him, it’s killing him. Even though it makes him happy, it’s cruel of me to do it. He needs to lose weight or he’ll end up dead. He doesn’t deserve that. I don’t want to lose him. He’s only 18, he’s got his whole life ahead of him. I will do anything to help.”

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