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Lady Gaga: “Self-care routines are the best beauty tip of all”

For the transformation of her feelings, Lady Gaga uses perfumes and makeup.

Lady Gaga: "Self-care routines are the best beauty tip of all"

The star, 34, who has her “Haus Laboratories,” has many different self-caring ways and focuses her routine of beauty “holistically.”

By explaining to the Sunday Independent’s Life magazine, she said: “I believe self-care routines, in and of themselves, are the best beauty tip of all. If you care for your mind, body, skin, heart, and healing, you approach beauty holistically. For me, using makeup as well as perfume to transform how I feel at any moment is valuable as well. Even though working on ourselves from the inside is the most crucial, I also cherish the power of visual transformation to affect how we feel inside.”

She continued explaining: “I believe it is more important than ever to motivate an agenda of kindness. Kindness that leads to the healing of the mind, body, and soul. Kindness that invigorates initiatives that are fearless in their effort to help humanity learn the importance of self-care.”

“Whenever someone told me I wasn’t good enough throughout my career and life, I never let it break me. I promised myself that every time I heard ‘no,’ it would motivate me to work harder. The most daring thing I did was believe in myself.”

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