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Leslie West Dies At 75 …Heart Gives Out Mountain Singer

Leslie West, a mountain singer, dies at the age of 75. Heart of the singer gives out on 23rd December while he has her wife Jenni at he side by.

leslie west
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The singer’s death was confirmed by his brother through Facebook and said before the end; he wasn’t in good condition.

The musician and singer were going through cardiac arrest this week earlier and suddenly rushed to the best Hospital.

His brother wrote: “I am asking for all your prayers. [West’s wife] Jenni is by his side in Florida but it’s not looking good.”

“Thanks Jenni, he wouldn’t have made it this far without you.”

“His heart gave out and he’s on a ventilator. May not make it through the night.”

The native of New York City got a shot to fame from the hard rock band that wrote the track Mississippi Queen as a co-writer and got Famous.

In 1987, speaking to the Guitar World, Leslie West said: “I’m no great guitarist technically.”

leslie west
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“I only play with these two fingers [index and ring]. But you wanna know why people remember me? If you take a hundred players and put them in a room, 98 or 99 of ’em are gonna sound the same.”

“The one who plays different, has some of his own, that’s the one you’re gonna remember.”

Geezer Butler took to social media as he wrote: “Sad to hear of Leslie West’s passing.”

“Such a lovely bloke. He was fantastic to us when Sabbath supported Mountain on our first US tour. He came to see us at Mohegan Sun, even though he was wheelchair bound. Mississippi Queen one of, if not the, greatest riff of all time. RIP.”

leslie west

Tom Morello, the star of “Rage Against The Machine”, wrote: “Rest In Peace #LeslieWest. His guitar tone on ‘Mississippi Queen’ is hands down the BADDEST guitar tone on record.”

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