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LET’S PARTY! Miami University Students …”We All Have COVID”

College students are really thinking of Coronavirus as invincible. A bunch of guys who know they have the virus are thrown on a house party which was an absolute shocking moment for a police officer discovered that!

The Oxford Police Department said is has six students and one was on the camera who admitted he has COVID and was supposed to be quarantined. But, they have not covered them in class.

As it is clearly visible in the cam footage below, the officer was blown away towards the student’s admission, not only the one student has it, everyone present in the house has COVID. So we can say, the kids were struggling to get quarantine. Cops revealed that 6 of them partygoers were fined with $500 which includes the students from outside the house.

As we all know, Texas Tech has been dealing with the same situation where the woman attends the school frequently admitted she has Coronavirus and partying next to the students.

Miami University also mentioned they have more than 1000 positive student cases for the virus, which also includes 55 cases which were reported on Monday. But, the school is on schedule as it will start in-person classes from September 21.

The police officer said best man they are struggling day and night for keeping the state open and such students are not giving a hand to help.

WOO, School Daze!

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