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Lily Allen Reveals Her ‘Life-Changing’ S-x Toy

Lily Allen has been working hard to make her Brand new s-x Toy, which is life-changing.

Lily Allen Reveals Her 'Life-Changing' S-x Toy

The singer took on her social media handle on Thursday and revealed her project, which she is working on, and accepted that she is much more excited to see her fans when taking the tool in their hands.

She admitted: “I’m excited to reveal something I’ve been working on with one of my favorite brands @womanizerglobal… My very own s-x toy.”

Lily continued: “The Liberty is available everywhere now.”

“Womanizer changed my life, and I wanted to share my experience. Women shouldn’t be ashamed of their sexuality, and we all deserve to own our pleasure.”

Lily Allen suggested hee Fan’s: “Hopefully, this little toy will help you do that.” and added “#IMasturbate #LilyAllenxWomanizer.”

On the Womanizer website, the star said in a statement: “It changed my orgasmic experience altogether.”

“If I want a guaranteed orgasm, I will reach for my toys.”

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