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LOGAN PAUL AND VALKYRAE; Why She Slams On Logan’s Dating Question?

Logan Paul and valkyrae, she won’t have anything against Logan Paul.

LOGAN PAUL AND VALKYRAE, Valkyrae and Logan Paul,
Instagram / Getty / LOGAN PAUL AND VALKYRAE / Valkyrae and Logan Paul

The YouTuber, Valkyrae, slammed Mike Majlak on Saturday on Twitter and the tweet was since deleted as she didn’t name him – she said that it was a publicly disrespectful matchmaking attempt and these attempts have now put her in the position of Valkyrae and Logan Paul.

Valkyrae tweeted: “Logan’s friend asks my BOSS about my relationship status PUBLICLY forcing me to respond or people speculate/spread rumors.”

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She continued: “People disliked the way I responded but I felt disrespected/forced to make things clear. Im sry for responding immaturely.”

Valkyrae said: “I dont have anything against Logan.”

LOGAN PAUL AND VALKYRAE, Valkyrae and Logan Paul,
Logan Paul IG / Valkyrae Twitter / Mike Majlak IG / LOGAN PAUL AND VALKYRAE / Valkyrae and Logan Paul

She also gave a response on the suggestion of Valkyrae and Logan Paul, and she deleted it later: “LoLLLLL oh… no.”

Because of the some of the fans can be coy, she said in more vital terms: “LET ME MAKE MYSELF CLEAR SINCE ITS NOT CLEAR. NO NOPE NO NOPE NO NOPE NO NOPE.”

After this, Logan Paul replies on social media with a gif of disappearing Nileseyy Niles:

After this Majlak replies to Valkyrae as he wrote: “Rae you don’t have to apologize to anyone, this was all supposed to be a joke and it sucks that the CREATOR OF THE YEAR has to respond to our BS.”

“Matt is a good friend and he knew I was messing around. I’m not new here, if it was serious that would never be done on camera.”

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