Louise Thompson Have Opened That Producer Had Asked For Her Return

The star of Made In Chelsea, Louise Thompson have revealed that the producer had asked for her Return witg her brother Sam Thompson for filming a scene.

Louise Thompson Have Opened That Producer Had Asked For Her Return

The 30-year-old exercise model have shot to a huge fane because of E4 series in the middle of 2011 and now said that she is not sure about her return for a appearance also siad that it is “harmless and fun”.

While speaking to MailOnline, the star said: “I actually received a text from one of the producers asking whether I would do a scene with my brother next week and I don’t know.”

“Honestly if I had quite a lot of free time then I would do it because it’s fun and it’s harmless.”

Louise added: “For me to do a bit and dive in isn’t going to be detrimental to my mental health.”

“I always have memories of the best bits and you think: “Oh is it all really fun and wonderful and dramatic and exciting and youthful.””

“Then I will go back and it is quite flat and I will watch it and be like: “Oh my god five hours have gone into one minute and they used the bits that I didn’t really want!””

“Like I wish I hadn’t said that! So to be completely honest, sometimes I am a bit disappointed afterwards, and then I say: “Ok I am not going to do it again,”” she added.

“But then I receive a text like and think oh there is no harm in doing it!”

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