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Madonna Thinks, ‘Controversy Is Important For Popstars nowadays’

Madonna shared her thoughts about how the different controversies are for pop stars these days, also claimed that they need to be abandoned nowadays.

Madonna Thinks, 'Controversy Is Important For Popstars nowadays'
Instagram: @madonna

he star thinks that she is known for her antics, which includes flashing her bum are pretty tame by modern standards at 1984 MTV VMAs — But the Papa Don’t Preach star is known for her career pushing boundaries.

Madonna said on Instagram: “People got so upset with the things I did, from my Like A Prayer video to my skirt ­accidentally flying off on the first MTV Awards and my butt cheek being exposed. ‘I mean, can you imagine that now? You have to have your butt exposed if you want a career right now.”

Madonna Thinks, 'Controversy Is Important For Popstars nowadays'
working on her biopic (Picture: Madonna/Instagram)

Madonna is currently working on her screenplay for a movie, which includes her life story, said that only she could explain her own story.

She mentioned: “So many people tried to make this movie and I threatened to bomb their homes. Of course, I was kidding. I would never do such a thing. Who can tell my story besides me? It’s just b***.”

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