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Maisie Smith Will Become A Millionaire In Next Two Years?

Maisie Smith, the star of Strictly Come Dancing, can be q millionaire after just two years after her appearance on the show will give her a great mobey offer.

Maisie Smith

As the contract of “EastEnders” has banned her, she cannot accept such offers to leave the show so that she can earn easily with many other career paths, as the sources claim about the 19-year-old dancer.

She is vowing her with her incredible dance moves as she stormed to the finale of Strictly Come Dancing for the Glitterball trophy but lost and got it to comedian Bill Bailey.

But according to The Sun, Maisie is very loyal towards the EastEnders, and she is likely to stay on the soap until the end of the year.

A source said that “Her success on Strictly has shown her another world and she’s a hugely ambitious young woman.”

“She’s happy on EastEnders but is aware of the lucrative offers, including a £50,000 offer from a make-up brand.”

“Maisie could be a millionaire in two years if she walked away from EastEnders.”

Before the finale, in an interview, her manager Julia and her mun revealed to The Sun.

Julia told The Sun: “He looked after the office premises. When everyone was sent home he didn’t have anything to do.”

“Having Maisie on Strictly has been a massive distraction from what we were going through. He’s so proud, he’s not into the limelight, he likes to sit back and watch us have fun.”

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