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Martine McCutcheon’s Crush On Hugh Grant, Is This True?

Martine McCutcheon has claimed that they filmed “Love Actually” She was “a little bit in love” with Hugh Grant.

Martine McCutcheon, Hugh Grant
Martine McCutcheon

Martine said: “In the first scene we filmed, I had to run and straddle Hugh at the airport.”

“I felt so insecure and was petrified I’d knock him over,” She added.

“Hugh had always been my crush and I was a little bit in love with him.”

“But he was so gracious, encouraging and kind, and wanted me to shine.”

“That was 18 years ago but we’re still in touch. He’s so happy and content – the happiest that he’s ever been.”

As the movie was a type of Christmas classic for many fans, Martine McCutcheon also hated to watch back it, and she said: “My mum loves it but I’m always critical of my performance.”

 Martine and Hugh play love interests Natalie and David in the 2003 film

Martine said HELLO! Magazine of Britain: “I’m so proud of this film. When Rafferty grows up and has children of his own, I want them all to know its message of love is what I stand for.”

“It cheered us up and brought hope. We also involved other musicians who have been out of work for months because of lockdown,” She said.

“It’s important to keep your mojo going and help others feel good.”

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