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Megan Barton Admitted That She’s ‘likes be dominant’ In The Bed

The babe of love islands, Megan Barton Hanson, has recently opened up about her antics in the bedroom.

Megan Barton Admitted That She's 'likes be dominant' In The Bed

The star who had recently turned into the reality star from a stripper had revealed and said: “S*x is so important, especially in these times when there’s so much stress about Covid.”

“It’s the one pleasurable activity that doesn’t cost anything.”

“I was really into suggesting different positions. I’m quite demanding and dominant.” She also said that she was the one who hClick here to read the full news and beautiful images!!! WOW!!!ad first took the step of dating at the time she was working for the strip club.

The star, Meg, said to The Sun: “We had flirted a bit and one night I said to him, ‘What are you doing after work? I think you should come back to mine and we’ll have s*x’.”

Megan Barton Admitted That She's 'likes be dominant' In The Bed

“I found it really empowering to take the.”

“I was mortified we were caught out. We had really thought it through.”

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