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Meghan Markle Will Finally Forgive Prince Harry’s Family?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry supposed that this year would be the year which can finally found their freedom.

Meghan Markle
Phil Harris – WPA Pool/Getty Images

In March, the pair finally stepped down from their royal duties, and after that, with their son Archie, the Sussex have moved to California and seemed to be told the think they always wanted to.

And now, after all this, both personally and gradually may be taking a sigh of relief as the year 2020 has finally come to an end. But the thing is, it will not be easy for Meghan as Harry is keen to move with his family.

A closer source told Heat: “They still feel they made the right decision quitting the royals, but because of the public’s reaction, the pandemic, and Meghan’s miscarriage, it’s been a lot tougher than they ever imagined.”

Meghan Markle

“They’re hoping they can just draw a line under everything, but Harry, especially, thinks they need to build bridges with his family to be able to do that.”

“But Meghan still feels let down – she feels like they were frozen out, her in particular, and she’s not ready to fully forgive.”

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