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MICA PARIS CHANGED NAME …People Shouldn’t Confuse With Michelle Fowler!!!

Mica Paris of EastEnder’s newest villain has mentioned that she left her real name because she don’t want anyone to be confused by the character of soap’s Michelle Fowler.

MICA PARIS CHANGED NAME ...People Shouldn't Confuse With Michelle Fowler!!!
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A well-known singer, Mica, whose top hits include Where Is The Love? and My One Temptation, that made her debut on the BBC’s show last night.

She was afraid that her music career could be hampered because of her name that was too similar to the one who had played by Susan Tully between 1985 and 1995, Michelle Fowler.

Mica, 51, while speaking to The Sun, said: “Susan is an amazing actress. I’m such a fan.”

“My real name is Michelle and she was just so popular back then.”

“I was just about to get signed at that point. And I thought, ‘Oh, she’s just too popular and my name will be too close to hers’.”

“At that point you don’t even ­realise how big the show was. Everybody and Jesus was watching it every night.”

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