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Naomi Campbell Donates 1k Food Parcels Across New York In Hospitals

Naomi Campbell recently teamed up with the Cipriani Restaurants to have 1k food parcels to deliver to New York hospitals for the frontline workers at five Hospitals.

Naomi Campbell
Thierry Chesnot/Getty Images

The supermodel, 50, has teamed and donated bags of food parcels to Hospitals, Montefiore, Coney Island Hospital, Mt. Sinai, Harlem Hospital, and Elmhurst Hospital this week.

And to the courageous staff, she wanted to offer a “small token of appreciation.” As they all are putting their lives at risk to protect the city away from the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Naomi Campbell said: “Thank you for devoting yourself to being a frontline worker during the pandemic of COVID-19. I wanted to acknowledge and appreciate the risk you have been taking these past nine months to keep New York City safe. Please enjoy this small token of appreciation as a form of gratitude for your hard work and efforts during these difficult times.”

In the previous month, Naomi Campbell shared a clip on Instagram as the teacher was greeting her namesake and that the sharing of the name made her life difficult.

She captioned the video on Instagram: “Thank you Naomi Campbell @naomii_campbell_ to you and all the school #Teachers out there who put themselves on the frontlines everyday.”

“Lovely meeting you and I hope now you will not be teased anymore, my new friend who bares the same name from Streatham #schoolteachersmatter #southlondongirls.”

Campbell wrote: “When I moved to Streatham in London from Leeds, aged 23, I was excited for what this new chapter of my life would bring.”

“I didn’t realise that I had inadvertently relocated to the birth place of my famous namesake, and that the jokes and comments that had followed me around my whole life were only going to get worse.”

“I remember thinking, ‘what are the chances? As if sharing a name wasn’t enough.'”

“Whenever I meet people in the area, or tell someone where I live, they ask questions like whether I know her mum, who apparently lives nearby. For the record, I don’t.”

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