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NAOMI CAMPBELL Was Dragged Into The Court By Her Billionaire Ex!!!

Naomi Campbell, a supermodel, the businesswoman has been dragged into court by her ex-boyfriend.

NAOMI CAMPBELL Was Dragged Into The Court By Her Billionaire Ex!!!
Source: bbc

According to the report, Naomi’s ex is a Russian businessman. He has filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit, claiming she has a lot of his dough. Vladislav Doronin, Naomi’s ex claims that Naomi is refusing to pay the money that she had been loaned from him at the time of their relation.

He also said; she has been holding his half of the property still. According to Vladislav, she is also refusing to return his private property. According to documents, Naomi owns his worth $3 million personal property. It not yet declared about the exact number of the amount which Vladislav has loaned on her.

They both started dating each other in 2008, and their relation lasted for about five years. The couple broked up in 2013. Vladislav used to gift her many expensive gifts. With gifts, it also includes gateways on the yacht. Vladislav also gifted her a house in the shape of the “Eye of Horus” on Cleopatra Island in Turkey. Now it has been seven years after their break up.

Vladislav is coming out with these charges. Yet, there’s no answer by Naomi’s side.

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