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PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP’S INDOOR RALLY …Governor Calls it ‘Reckless and Selfish’

President Donal Trump is very much familiar with the spread of COVID-19, and it requires wearing masks, social distancing, and also to avoid large gatherings which include mainly indoor meetings. But President still managed a rally of thousands of people in a manufacturing facility on Sunday night.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP'S INDOOR RALLY ...Governor Calls it 'Reckless and Selfish'
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Donald Trump held a rally for two days in Nevada, and in his latest demonstration, he totally disagreed about the medical science and also about the safety and health to his supporters.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP'S INDOOR RALLY ...Governor Calls it 'Reckless and Selfish'
Photographer: Roger Kisby/Bloomberg

The Images from the rally can easily explain that there were no rules for the prevention of the virus; there was not a single attempt of wearing masks and similar in case of social distancing. But still, the Sunday Night rally in Henderson states that there will be a legal ban on gatherings which contains 50 pr more people at a time.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP'S INDOOR RALLY ...Governor Calls it 'Reckless and Selfish'
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Steve Sisolak, Governor of Nevada, is now pointing out president Donald trump for ignoring the safety of his state in the time of the COVID pandemic.

Governor Steve Sisolak described trumps rally by writing: “reckless and selfish actions that are putting countless lives in danger here in Nevada.”

And further continued: “At a time when Nevada is focused on getting our economy back on track and protecting public health, the President’s actions this weekend are shameful, dangerous and irresponsible.”

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