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President Trump Goes on Twitter “Roid Rage”

Donald Trump, who is currently at Walter Reed Medical Center, being treated for COVID-19, isn’t letting this weigh him down and stop him from campaigning. He sent out tons of all-caps tweets on Monday morning about various topics and voting. Twitter users quickly responded and started with the trending hashtag #Roid rage.

News has it that Doctors treating Donald Trump for COVID-19 are giving him a steroid called dexamethasone, a drug possible side effects of “delusions of grandeur” and general outbursts of anger. Several users wondered if he may have been under the influence when he wrote those tweets. In one of his tweets, he sent a friendly reminder for residents in states he needs to defeat Biden urging people in Ohio, Florida, Georgia, and Texas that Monday was the last day to register with a link they could use to sign up.

In a video Donald Trump posted on Twitter, he said he had a “little surprise” for his supporters. He wore a mask as he waved from the back seat of a black SUV at supporters in front of the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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