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Prince Harry “DEEPLY SADDENED AFTER REJECTED REQUEST” At Cenotaph To Have Wreath Laid!!!

The Duke of Sussex has rejected the opportunity at the Cenotaph on his behalf to have a wreath today, the news was reported.

Prince Harry "DEEPLY SADDENED AFTER REJECTED REQUEST" At Cenotaph To Have Wreath Laid!!!
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The price is “deeply saddened,” according to The Sunday Times, by the decision that he is no longer the member of the royal family and will not be working, which was taken on the grounds allegedly.

Harry has marked Remembrance Day by making an appearance with military members and the other veterans on the Declassified Podcast.

Prince also explained in an episode by describing Remembrance Day, what it means, he said: “a moment for respect and for hope.”

Harry continued: “The act of remembering, of remembrance, is a profound act of honour.”

“It’s how we preserve the legacies of entire generations and show our gratitude for the sacrifices they made in order for us to be able to live the lives we live today.”

After an approach by The Independent, the “Buckingham Palace” has refused that they will not comment on the report of The Sunday Times.

So, The Independent has taken comments from Prince Harry himself.

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