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Reese Witherspoon: “I Wouldn’t Say Never” …May Have Political Ambitions

Reese Witherspoon, the Star who had played on the big screen as Elle Woods, the Actress of “Legally Blonde” have now expressed her interest towards politics.

Reese Witherspoon: "I Wouldn't Say Never" ...May Have Political Ambitions
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She just Revealed it after co-host Jason Bateman said that she’d “get a lot of the vote,” in a podcast SmartLess.

“Yeah, I mean our standards have become very low in this country.”

She explained: “I wouldn’t say never, because I don’t know where I’m going to be when I’m, you know, 65. I think we need better representation and balance. Women are 50 percent of the population, but we’re not 50 percent of the representation in government, which is bizarre, particularly when they’re adjudicating over our bodies.”

Reese continued: “And the lack of representation of people of color, who make up a large, almost majority of this country. What about balance, you know? Just yin and yang. Male, female balance.”

“Women have a different relationship to power. It’s interesting how no one needs to be the number one. We sort of pass the baton almost. It’s always kind of deferring power or sharing responsibility. So it’s almost this power balance and that there’s no one person sort of dictating or mandating exactly what’s going to happen. It’s collective ideas. And it works really well,” the Star concluded.


Reese Witherspoon: "I Wouldn't Say Never" ...May Have Political Ambitions
Reese Witherspoon: "I Wouldn't Say Never" ...May Have Political Ambitions

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