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Rihanna Vows For Taking Music “To A Next Level” In Coming Year

Rihanna is willing to take the music to the next level, “a different level” in the coming year.

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The entrepreneur and a singer who Haven’t released any album from 2016, “ANTI” is showing by her words that she will gear up in 2021.

Rihanna told Closer magazine about her plans: “2021 is a little unknown for everybody and nobody is sure what restrictions there are going to be. My creativity is within my control though, and I want to take my music and my brands to a different level.”

The hitmaker of “Work” said: “I’m always working on new music. Just because I haven’t released an album in a few years doesn’t mean I haven’t been working on it. I’m not just going to put music out because people are craving it. I’m going to make it worth the wait – and it will be worth the wait.”

The singer has also found great success as an actress; she even has great success in the cosmetic range “Fenty Beauty,” yet she said that she genuinely believes in the work for what she is indeed working.

She said: “For me, it’s about achieving excellence. That’s why I will never put an album out for the sake of it or do a movie for the sake of it or a fashion collaboration for the sake of it. I have to believe in it.”

Rihanna insisted back in July that she is “always working on music.”

She said: “I am always working on music and when I am ready to put it out in the way that I feel fit, it’s gonna come out. And you’re not going to be disappointed when it happens. It’s going to be worth it. I’m not just gonna put it out just because people are waiting. It’s taken this long, I’m gonna make it worth it.”

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