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Robber Of Kim Kardashian Said ‘Her Post Made It Easy’

The post of Kim Kardashian said her social media posts made it easy to carry out more than £8million jewellery heist, and one of them is also admitted.

Robber Of Kim Kardashian Said 'Her Post Made It Easy'
The place where the Kardashian was robbed at the Gun point, Courtesy: Getty Images

After travelling to the French capital for the ‘Paris Fashion Week’ in the year 2016, then 39 years old American has emerged in a legal paper filed at Paris, and the reality show star was attacked at gunpoint.

“Kardashian was an ‘easy target’ because she kept divulging details about her possessions and their whereabouts,” mentioned by the alleged mastermind, Aomar Ait Khedache.

Robber Of Kim Kardashian Said 'Her Post Made It Easy'
The robbery took place in October 2016 at Kardashian’s luxury Hotel de Pourtales apartment (pictured) after she went to the French capital for Paris Fashion Week 

The engagement ring of 20-carat, £3.5million, which she was received from her husband, rapper Kanye West was included in the robbery.

With reference to Kardashian, wife of rapper Kanye West, Ait Khedache, 64, said: “the October 2016 job was an ‘internet giveaway’ thanks to her non-stop postings on sites such as Instagram.”

‘The jewels were shown on the internet, explaining that she did not wear fake jewels.”

The mastermind also mentioned, “the timing of her arrival in France’ was posted, and that ‘you just needed to look at the internet to know everything.”

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