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Robbie Williams New Album was Delayed …Due To Pandemic!!!

The singer who had also worked with the hitmaker of “Me Entertain You” had now given the news and Confirmed that the singer, 46, is now Willing to drop a new album but he can’t because the precautions of a pandemic are stopping him to do that.

Robbie Williams New Album was Delayed ...Due To Pandemic!!!
© Bang Showbiz Robbie Williams

He explained: “He does want to do another record, but obviously we can’t because of the situation.”

“He’s in Los Angeles and no one can fly to America.”

The songwriter also explained to The Sun: “Our relationship doesn’t work in different countries, we have to be in the same room together to create.”

He added: “I’ve got to say, as I look down the list of my new songs from my new album, that I don’t know when it’s coming out.”

“It’s got a very disco feel to it.”

The star who is joined by Espen Berg, Simen Eriksrud and the duo of electronic production said: “Even though he’s doing his stuff and it’s probably different to what we were into in his pop years, I remember his song ‘No Regrets’ many years back.”

“And it was such a brilliant pop record.”

“His voice is just waiting to come back, he is a really talented songwriter as well so we’d definitely be able to do something there.”

“For us it’s about the energy and vibe.”

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