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Romantic Dinner Between Selena Gomez And Jimmy Butler …They Spotted Enjoying

Romantic Dinner between Selena Gomez and Jimmy Butler, according to a source, and Selena is reportedly dating him.

Romantic Dinner, Selena Gomez And Jimmy Butler
Selena Gomez and Jimmy Butler | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images; Jason Merritt/Getty Images

The popstar, 28, was spotted recently enjoying with a 31-year-old Miami Heat player for a romantic dinner accor6 to various eyewitness and Miami Herald accounts from social media.

The insider from “NBA” wrote: “Jimmy butler and selena gomez weird couple man. Sources: Dude just trust me.”

Deuxmoi, an Instagram gossip page, also posted a conversation which shows someone claiming 28-year-old Selena was 28th 31-year-old Jimmy of Heat in New York City at the French restaurant Lucien.

Before adding: “100% sure they were there together. Obvi I can’t speak to if it was ACTUALLY a date, but they were there together.” Before adding: “Seemed like a date.”

Romantic Dinner, Selena Gomez And Jimmy Butler

Later noted that Kaitlyn Nowak, baby mama of Jimmy with whom he shares daughter, Rylee, 1, have unfollowed Selena Gomez after the Rumors of relationship.

Selena Gomez was previously linked with Niall Horan in 2019 following a split with Justin Bieber in 2017.

Romantic Dinner, Selena Gomez And Jimmy Butler

The player of Heat was also linked to Shay Mitchell, a Canadian actress.

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