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Rupert Everett Wants To The Knot After All …Anti-marriage!!!

Rupert Everett might be having his “marriage” on the cards in this Christmas, after the author and actor famously for years railed against weddings.

Rupert Everett
Rupert Everett

Happy Prince’s star has shared his disgust in general for weddings, but Henrique had loved him up, his boyfriend from Brazil, he changed his mind as it was more than a decade.

Rupert told Mindfood Magazine: “Everything about all of my friends’ weddings I found repellent, actually.”

“When I really started thinking about it, I was so lucky for being gay and not having to go through all that stuff,” he added.

Musing: “The ghastly wedding, the hideous wedding dress, the horrible things that men have to wear, and that weird thing of the best man giving a rude speech.”

He continued: “So it was never appealing to me… and I think making it a legal contract is very, very damaging to a relationship. A relationship has to breathe and live and change, and turn into a different thing every day.”

He shared: “The play is about a poor gay man, really being crucified for being gay, and it (legalisation) suddenly did feel like a landmark for gay people. It felt important, and extraordinary. So now I think everyone should do whatever they like.”

Everett says “I might be. I’m planning on staying with my other half forever,” after asking that if he would tie the knot himself.

Rupert Everett
Sam Frost/The Guardian

Rupert added: “But it’s (wedding) not going to be George Clooney on a motorski going down the Grand Canal in Venice, (Italy) no. It’s going to be very quiet.”

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