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Rupert Everette Wants to Marry Partner

Rupert Everett finally wants to get married. The 61-year-old thespian has previously sparked some controversy by failing to lend his support to gay marriage; he termed it ‘a waste of time and beyond tragic’ back in 2012. But now, he’s admitting he likes the idea of getting hitched with Henrique, his partner of 11 years.  

Rupert Everette Wants to Marry Partner

He said, “Actually, I wouldn’t mind getting married now. Yes, I’d marry my boyfriend. Although I would only have two or three people to my wedding.”

Rupert would like to hold the wedding at his village church in Wiltshire, saying, “I love ceremonies. I think that’d be sweet.” He also admitted he thinks he’d have to be the one who proposes: “I mean, I’m the one thinking about it.”

When asked if he’s discussed the idea with his partner, he responded: “No, he doesn’t know.”

Rupert Everette Wants to Marry Partner
Rupert Everett

The British actor believes relationships are their best when they are fluid. He told the Sunday Times magazine, “And anything that stops it being fluid, even a good holiday, can ruin it because you start matching the tawdriness of next Monday to the fabulousness of the holiday in Tahiti, then you’re on a downhill slalom.”

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