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Sam Armytage’s Mum Died At 68!!!

Sam Armytage is heartbroken after her mother, Libby, died on Tuesday at the age of 68.

Sam Armytage's Mum Died At 68!!!

The 44-year-old presenter of The Sunrise has now announced her mum’s death on Saturday in an Instagram post.

Sam has not Revealed the real cause of death but stated that she was admitted because of autoimmune disease in August, which caused her heart failure.

Sam Mentioned: “Last Tuesday afternoon, a little while after the Melbourne Cup was run, our beautiful mumma passed away, just 10 days before her 69th birthday.”

“She had fought bravely for a long time and suffered a lot, but finally her big-loving heart just couldn’t do it anymore,” she added.

“Mums are the centre of a family and losing ours has thrown us all in a spin and left a huge, irreparable hole in each of our hearts.”

“We are very, very sad. She was wonderful; kind, loving, loyal, wildly wicked, funny & formidable.”

“This is her ‘happy place’, her rose garden, where we remember her. She will be missed forever, but she’s at peace now… forever an angel,” she wrote.

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