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Sam Thompson Joins “Celeb Dating App Raya,” WHY? After Zara McDermott’s Reunion

Sam Thompson has been spotted to be joining a Celebrity Dating App Raya, after the days it was viral that he was reconciled with Zara McDermott publicly.

Sam Thompson Joins "Celeb Dating App Raya," WHY? After Zara McDermott's Reunion
Instagram / Samthompson

The Made In Chelsea star, 28, is seen that he is keeping his options after he is set with 23-year-old Zara McDermott in the past month, the hunk wants a better chance now.

The had a split in September after Zara Mcdermott admitted that she had cheated with Sam Thompson while with another man.

Now it was publicly announced that the pair are together spending their time as Sam has forgiven her for cheating. Many of his fans are surprised to see that Sam in on dating app posted photos of his taken by Zara while on a trip to New York.

A friend who is closer to Sam Thompson told The Sun: “The ball is well and truly in Sam’s court after Zara begged him for forgiveness.”

“He feels like he can use it to his advantage and is likely to have a bit of a flirt with other women.”

“But it’s very unlikely to be anything more than that as he has forgiven Zara and feels committed to her now despite what she did.”

This news cake after Sam has recently posted a photo with Zara on his Instagram account.

Sam Thompson Joins "Celeb Dating App Raya," WHY? After Zara McDermott's Reunion
Instagram / Zara McDermott

Sam shared a photo and wrote in the previous week: “I love you, and when I’m with you I feel like I’m on a nimbus 2000… that’s all I need to know.”

And Zara wrote of Sam: “You are my moon and all my stars.”

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