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Simon Cowell gives a gift by launching ‘a festive Britain’s Got Talent special’ in Christmas to ITV

To boost the Christmas ratings of Britain Got Talent show Simon Cowell will play Santa to ITV.

The show will be a Christmas Celebration it will be featuring all-time great of Britain’s Got Talent, and all the judges, including Cowell if he gets recovered from the back injury. ITV hopes the show will raise the views and dominate the BBC’s traditional TV. The line up may include Susan Boyle and Paul Potts.

The show is going to be pre-recorded next month after Britain’s Got Talent final. One of the sources said; “Simon has not done Christmas before and ITV jumped at the chance to put Britain’s Got Talent at the very heart of their festive schedule.

Simon Cowell gives a gift by launching 'a festive Britain's Got Talent special' in Christmas to ITV
Simon Cowell

It does enormous ratings, so why not unleash it at a particular time of year to combine things up a touch. Simon who has a back injury because of falling from an electric bike is under-recovery if he didn’t the empty slot would go to his stand-in Ashley Banjo, alongside David Williams, Amanda Holden, and Alesha Dixon.

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