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10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

The universe of superstar is hustling and clamoring, with a consistent rotating entryway of new faces coming out to knock the more seasoned ones off the beaten path. All things considered, there’s a tremendous measure of weight on A-listers these days to keep steady over their game. With being fit as a fiddle truly comes an extraordinary mental strain as well, so what do any semblance of Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow do to prevent themselves from going totally nuts? We have single word for you. Yoga.

Yoga began in old India, however just got on in the western world in the 20th century. In addition to the fact that it is an extraordinary method to keep fit as a fiddle and get very adaptable, yet it endeavors to bring the expert inward quality as well. It’s no big surprise that big names the world over can regularly be discovered bent into a wide range of shapes in skintight spandex. As a general rule, Instagram takes care of offering up plenty of peaceful shots of yoga stances and rec center wear. We aren’t griping. Actually, we could all do with taking a break to attempt one of the numerous types of the antiquated practice – yet for the present moment, why not investigate 15 Celebrities Who Love Yoga for some motivation?


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

The 34-year-old model and ex-wife of Orlando Bloom keeps herself in tip-top shape with yoga. Miranda Kerr got her big break as a Victoria’s Secret model in 2007, the same year that Gisele Bundchen left her wings behind. Kerr uses her physique and doe-eyed looks to her advantage, raking enough money to have consistently been listed on Forbes list of top-earning models since 2008. That’s not to be sniffed at. There’s no doubt that being in the public eye and relying on your looks to pay the bills is a huge amount of pressure for anyone to carry, so balancing your mind while keeping your body healthy is a pretty good move to make.


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

25-year-old pageant queen and television personality Amy Willerton is also a fan of the super-stretchy practice. After winning Miss Universe Great Britain in 2013 and failing to scoop the ultimate crown in the defining Miss Universe contest, Willerton flew straight to Australia to film the UK’s highly popular reality show, I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! She has bounded around the reality TV circuit ever since; while maintaining her Miss Universe body for the cameras. More often than not the Bristol native has been compared to the Cindy Crawford, with her awe-inspiring curves and beautiful flowing hair. What do you think?


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

For those celebrities that really, really love keeping fit and yoga, there’s nothing more left to do than start your own line of workout clothes – and that’s exactly what Kate Hudson did in 2013 when she teamed up with JustFab to launch Fabletics, a membership service that decks you out in all the latest gym wear. Is that a smile because she’s doing yoga in this snap, or because she’s raking in a huge paycheck? Let’s face it, it’s probably a bit of both. Hudson has proclaimed her love for meditation too, stating ‘Meditation has been the most helpful and life-changing thing for me. You can feel the difference when you meditate on a regular basis. At least I can…. I started practicing transcendental meditation a year and a half ago so I meditate 20 minutes in the morning and I try to do another 20 minutes in the afternoon.’


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

There’s nothing like being a former Playboy model to make sure that you keep going to the gym. Jenny McCarthy got her big break in the magazine founded by the late Hugh Hefner in 1993, and hasn’t slowed down since. Now an author, television presenter and author, there’s almost nothing McCarthy hasn’t turned her hand to. Leading such a busy life has to come with its own share of stresses (especially when you dated such crackers as Jim Carrey for a considerable amount of years). McCarthy married into the Wahlberg acting dynasty when she snared Donnie back in 2013. He probably backs her yoga obsession 110%.


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

32-year-old Kaley Cuoco has been around longer than you might think, picking up a series of supporting film roles since the 90’s. However, it wasn’t until her starring role as lovable actress Penny in the hit comedy series The Big Bang Theory that the world really started taking notice. It’s not always been an easy road for the California girl, who dated her co-star Johnny Galecki and endured a divorce from first husband Ryan Sweeting. When Cuoco first started appearing as Penny, she was more curvacious than she is now. These days, she sports a perfectly toned body that just oozes health – as you can see by this snap taken on the set of the show, yoga had a part to play in this transformation.


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Stunning model Christie Turlington is 48 years young – but you wouldn’t think it, would you? The brunette beauty has a pretty impressive resume, from model to charity-founder. A firm practitioner of Jivamukti yoga, Turlington has been stretching out her muscles and learning the craft for 20 years. Not content with just doing it, she’s also penned two books on the subject, Living Yoga: Creating a Life Practice in 2002 and also the Yoga Journal. If the sight of this ultra-fit beauty isn’t enough to have you reaching for a copy of either of these, then we don’t know what is. Turlington married actor Edward Burns in 2003 and have two children together. Interestingly enough, her sister Kelly married Burns’ brother Brain.


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Is there anything we don’t love about Jennifer Aniston? She stole our hearts as Rachel in the uber-popular sitcom Friends, and gained worldwide sympathy when her A-list husband Brad Pitt left her for sultry actress Angelina Jolie. Jen proved she didn’t need pity when she continued to style it out with a grace that can’t be taught – but did yoga and meditation have a hand in that? Over the years just about every glossy magazine in the world has revealed an insight into how to get the 48-year-old actresses age-defying physique. According to People, Aniston uses a mixture of spin, cardio and yoga to keep everything in five star form.


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

A few years ago, actress Gwyneth Paltrow unleashed Goop onto the world, her own website dedicated to lifestyle and well-being. It hasn’t been without its controversies, receiving criticism for touting potentially dangerous practices such as vaginal steaming and jade eggs. What can’t be denied is Paltrow’s love of yoga, stating once when asked, ‘Physically, it completely changed me. I found strength that I never thought I had. And mentally, I mean, it’s taught me just patience and letting go, and it’s really changed my whole psychological outlook, I think.’ Probably best to stick to championing yoga, Gwyneth. Leave the intimate care routines for another day!


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Hilaria Baldwin married in to the Baldwin acting dynasty when she snared Alec back in 2011. They met while she was teaching Yoga at Yoga Vida in New York, so it’s no surprise that she absolutely adores practicing it. The couple have certainly been busy, with three children already had and a fourth on the way. Hilaria is also the lifestyle expert for EXTRA, sharing all of her health, beauty and fashion tips to make living a bit more bearable for the likes of you and me. Baldwin clearly likes his women in shape, having previously been married to Kim Basinger – although the less said about that horrible divorce, the better!


10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

The Queen of Pop. Madge. The Material Girl. Whatever you like to call her, there’s no denying that Madonna is the ruler of switching up her image. One thing remains constant and unchanging though despite all of the decades past – her amazing figure. Madge has been practicing yoga for years now, and it shows. Often using her skills on stage for body (and mind) bending tricks, it doesn’t disappoint fans. With often relentless touring schedules and the pressure of living in the limelight, most would buckle under the pressure – but Madonna is an old hat and uses yoga to keep her body and mind in check. If that’s the key to a successful career, then count us in.

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Top 10 Basketball Stadium in The World

NBA games are all about big stars, flashy handles, and gravity-defying dunks. But when it comes to the fan experience, a great venue can make all the difference, which is why Podium — a startup that helps local businesses manage customer reviews — has used data from Google reviews to identify the best NBA arenas as of the beginning of last season.

Podium consolidated review data for all 10 NBA arenas through its platform to produce the following rankings:

10. Pepsi Center — Denver Nuggets

pepsi center denver nuggets

Overall star rating: 4.6

Total number of reviews: 9,774

One thing to know: Fans love how easy it is to get to the Pepsi Center by car or by public transit. Fans love coming out for Denver Nuggets and Colorado Avalanche games as there isn’t a bad seat in the house and the arena boasts a number of high-end concessions from award-winning chefs.

9. Amway Center — Orlando Magic

Amway Center Court

Overall star rating: 4.6

Total number of reviews: 10,439

One thing to know: Even though the Orlando Magic have not been among the top teams in the NBA in quite some time, fans love the Amway Center. The state-of-the-art arena — which is located in the heart of downtown — features tons of restaurants and luxury suites, an area where children can play, and one of the largest HD scoreboards in the league. No wonder it was last year’s top-rated NBA arena.

8. TD Garden — Boston Celtics

TD Garden

Overall star rating: 4.6

Total number of reviews: 11,301

One thing to know: Steeped in tradition as the home of the Boston Celtics and Boston Bruins, TD Garden has had 33 official names over its 28-year history. The Beantown venue was built in 1995 to replace the iconic Boston Garden.

7. Little Caesars Arena — Detroit Pistons

Little Caesars Arena Detroit Pistons

Overall star rating: 4.6

Total number of reviews: 14,320

One thing to know: The second-largest venue in the league, Little Caesars Arena opened in midtown Detroit in 2017 and is home to both the Pistons and the Red Wings. The building’s unique design connects the arena itself with restaurants, stores, and the box office via glass “streets” built into the roof. Fans love to grab a drink at the outdoor beer garden off of the Budweiser Lounge.

6. United Center — Chicago Bulls

United Center Chicago Bulls

Overall star rating: 4.6

Total number of reviews: 15,259

One thing to know: The Chicago Bulls have a ton of history wrapped up in the United Center’s 24-year tenure. It has played host to three NBA Finals, all of which were won by Michael Jordan-led Bulls teams. You can find a statue of Jordan outside of the arena’s main entrance and a brand new 8,660 square-foot video board hanging above the court.

5. Fiserv Forum — Milwaukee Bucks

fiserv forum

Overall star rating: 4.7

Total number of reviews: 3,788

One thing to know: The brand new Fiserv Forum has only hosted NBA for one season, but those who have visited the Milwaukee Bucks’ new home are enamored of the arena’s open-air public areas, multiple social clubs, and creative vendors.

4. Bankers Life Fieldhouse — Indiana Pacers

Bankers Life Fieldhouse

Overall star rating: 4.7

Total number of reviews: 7,139

One thing to know: Modern amenities meet old-school feel at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, home of the Indiana Pacers and Fever. The arena is located in downtown Indianapolis near plenty of bars, restaurants, and hotels. Reviewers say that there isn’t a bad seat in the house, and an upcoming $360 million renovation will only improve its standing among fans.

3. American Airlines Arena — Miami Heat

AmericanAirlines Arena

Overall star rating: 4.7

Total number of reviews: 11,591

One thing to know: Not to be confused with the Dallas Mavericks’ American Airlines Center, American Airlines Arena hosts Miami Heat home games in the Sunshine State. In addition to an underwater-inspired scoreboard and red and orange seating, the venue also features a night club where fans can party after Heat victories.

2. Staples Center — Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers

Staples Center

Overall star rating: 4.7

Total number of reviews: 19,392

Located in downtown Los Angeles, the Staples Center is home to four different teams: the Lakers, the Clippers, the Kings, and the Sparks. In addition to games, the arena hosts the X Games and the Grammys each year.

1. Madison Square Garden — New York Knicks

Madison Square Garden

Overall star rating: 4.7

Total number of reviews: 21,141

One thing to know: Madison Square Garden is one of the most famous arenas in all of sports, so it may be worth suffering through a New York Knicks game just to enjoy the atmosphere of the building. You’ll find megafan Spike Lee courtside at any home game.

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The Top 10 Things You Don’t Want to Hear About Losing Weight

10) No, you won’t wind up seeming as though the most recent hot youthful model/vocalist/entertainer!

Let’s be honest: your body is your body. It’s the just one you have. Would you be able to even now look incredible? Sure! Yet, there are a few things you can’t change. You can’t make your legs longer or your feet littler. You can’t grow five inches or prolong your middle. You have what you have, so work with it! Focus on making a sound and fit you as opposed to wishing you appeared as though another person. You don’t need to be flawless to be alluring. A solid, fit body just as the self-assurance it brings can make any individual alluring!

9) It’s smarter to be solid and gauge more than to be overweight and weigh less.

I’ve said it so often: I’d much preferably be 135lbs and strong over 120lbs and fat. I’ve been both, and 135lbs with a lower percent of muscle to fat ratio was unquestionably better! I was littler, more grounded and had substantially more vitality. In this way, don’t generally look for that otherworldly number on the scale, yet take a gander at your absolute body creation.

8) You can’t get fit in seven days.

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Alright, well, you can, yet just in case you’re multi week from being in top condition and you continue working out. Something else, forget about it! In the event that you need to search useful for that class gathering or in light of the fact that you’ll be in a two-piece soon, at that point get going route before that. Or then again even better, get going for your own wellbeing and not for “things” like reunions and two-pieces.

7) You have to invest some energy into it.

You need to get fit? You need to work at it. You need to design it, you need to plan it, and, above all, you need to do it. No reasons. Sitting on the sofa, disclosing to yourself you ought to accomplish something won’t copy up a great deal of calories. In the case of nothing else, get out there and begin strolling. And keeping in mind that you’re out there strolling consider a strategy for a more beneficial you and begin on it today – not tomorrow!

6) You have to work out.

Would you be able to get in shape just by diet alone? Certainly, you can! Be that as it may, in the event that you need to get fit, you have to practice those muscles, including your heart. What’s more, that heart won’t get any activity in case you’re perched on the lounge chair, eating broccoli. Lose the weight that you have to lose and you’ll simply wind up with a flimsy, yet heavy, body. Get going! Weight preparing is ideal, however in case you’re truly not into weight preparing, discover an action you like to accomplish that work all your significant muscle gatherings.

5) You have to eat appropriately.

Setting aside any low carb/low fat/high protein discussions, the straightforward truth is, in the event that you need a fit body, you have to support it. Protein, carbs and fat are significant, yet nutrients and minerals are key components that your body needs, as well. Regardless of what method of eating you’re following ensure you’re getting enough nutrients and minerals. Mix it up of new vegetables and natural product to your eating routine. Whenever you go shopping for food, wait around the produce area and choose some old top picks, however analyze a little by having a go at something new!

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

4) You can’t get thinner short-term.

You didn’t pick up it short-term – or in two months – and you’re not going to lose it short-term – or in two months. Consider getting fit as a train leaving the station: you start off moderate, accumulate speed and afterward off you go! Tolerance is the key here. Search for steady patterns. In case you’re truly not losing fat and getting more grounded following two or three months, at that point you have to plunk down and sincerely examine what you’re doing. Keep a diary to assist you with realizing how you’re truly eating and working out.

3) You can’t spot lessen.

Hereditary qualities will choose where the fat will fall off. Completing 1000 crunches won’t lessen your tummy fat. Nor will 1000 leg lifts dispose of the fat on your internal thighs. Your body doesn’t consume the fat it needs from the body part that you’re working out. Your body will consume fat a lot of like an onion is stripped, a layer at a time, if you will. In this way, don’t try too hard on the activity for one explicit body part and hope to getting your entire body fit as a fiddle.

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

2) There are no handy solutions.

Believe it or not, you heard me. There are no handy solutions. None. Put each one of those pills, elixirs, contraptions and marvel consumes less calories in the trash where they have a place. Become familiar with the nuts and bolts about how your body picks up muscle and loses fat, so you won’t get sucked in by another trick once more.

1) Fitness is a long lasting responsibility!

Along these lines, you reliably work out and eat appropriately and you’ve arrived at your objectives. Presently what? All things considered, presently you must continue doing it for an incredible remainder, that is the thing that! You can’t simply work your approach to being fit and afterward stop since you’ll wind up precisely like you were previously. Wellness is a deep-rooted responsibility. What’s more, you need to know a mystery? It is difficult! What’s more, any individual who says it is simple is attempting to sell you something. Make wellness a deep-rooted aspiration and you’ll receive the benefits of a long and solid life, loaded up with vitality, quality, and a general feeling of prosperity.

Move Plan to Take the Weight Off This Year

Dependent on Restaurants Are you dependent on cafés? So are heaps of Americans. What used to be a “treat,” going out for supper, has become more normal than cooking at home, and we believe we’re in an ideal situation? Reconsider. Café eating, quick nourishments, and exceptionally handled food sources are transforming us into a country of tabbies. It’s an ideal opportunity to assume back responsibility for our waistlines. You pick where you eat, and you pick out what you eat. Here are a few proposals to start to settle on better decisions. Eateries Exist to Make a Profit The main concern is cafés exist to make a benefit. They heap on the additional margarine and

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

rich cream sauces, carmelized sugar garnishes, cheddar sauce, twofold select, new improved, and whatever they can do to make the food so tempting, so tasty, we just can’t help it. Fine for an incidental lavish expenditure, yet not ordinary charge, and thus lies the issue. Additional Value Meals McDonald’s begun the pattern by offering marginally bigger bits for somewhat more cash, and each other food foundation immediately took action accordingly. The additional worth they called it. Who wouldn’t organization somewhat more for just pennies? Today essentially every café, inexpensive food or plunk down feasting, serves colossal amounts that boggle the psyche. There is generally enough food served for two, some of the time three suppers. Perusing in Restaurant Confidential (get a duplicate of this book and read it until it soaks in), the carbohydrate level in the normal café supper is so stunning it closes the shock of why heftiness is widespread and on the ascent. Cheddar fries with Ranch dressing are recorded at having more than 3,000 calories and 217 grams of fat (91 of them immersed). That is a whole day of food, and it’s viewed as a starter. A great many people don’t simply eat the cheddar fries either, so include the remainder of your day’s calories and you end up with undeniably more than you may understand.

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Any individual who eats out consistently (in any event once every day) is likely expending more like 5,000 calories per day, which effectively clarifies their being overweight. Getting the Calories Out of Restaurant Food Unless you intellectually make it alright to pay great cash for exceptionally plain nourishments, you’re not liable to illuminate this riddle. Here are two or three effortless thoughts you can place energetically at eateries: 1. Simply express NO to supersizing. The size you requested is as of now too enormous. Stop super measuring and you’ll set aside cash (perceive How to Save Money and Lose Weight). 2. Avoid the bread and rolls presented with most dinners. Most family cafés still serve a bread container with your dinner. Except if it’s a new heated portion or some exceptional bread, simply skip it. You don’t have to top off on conventional bread when you’re paying acceptable cash for a dinner – simply drive it away – it isn’t all that great. You can do it in the event that you need to – it isn’t so difficult to just decide not to put a move on your plate. Attempt it, only a single time, and check whether you don’t leave that café feeling peculiarly amazing. In the event that you can’t skirt the moves, at any rate, avoid the margarine. Believe it or not. Eat it plain. Bread without anyone else is sufficient. 3. Quit requesting drinks with your suppers. I quit purchasing soda pops numerous years back when I understood they are a gigantic treasure trove for the drive-through eateries. For pennies, they sell you a spurt of syrup and soft drink water and act as they’re offering you a major kindness by just charging you $1.29 for a goliath 64 oz. pop.

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Begin sparing those dollars. In the event that you take the feast home, simply don’t get a beverage, and in case you’re eating it there, request water, or possibly change to consume less calories drinks. Never drink “fat pop.” 5. Cut back noticeable excess and skin. You truly love the skin – obviously, it tastes great, it should, it’s unadulterated fat. Would you like to get more slender, or would you like to eat fat? You pick. I never eat chicken skin, and never eat the noticeable fat hanging off a steak, great taste or no. You need to choose what you need more, the second of delight of a yummy taste, or a lifetime of hefting around an additional 40 lbs? 6. Request a doggie pack toward the start of the supper. At the point when the food is served, quickly parcel off some to bring home for tomorrow. A few cafés consistently serve excessively. Do this at those foundations to become acclimated to the thought. 7. Get a duplicate of Restaurant Confidential and begin looking at the amount you’re eating. Truly, I referenced this twice. It’s significant. On the off chance that you thoroughly consider eating isn’t causing a contributor to the issue, I state, you’re tricking yourself. This little book can enable you to understand what’s been happening, and afterward you may think that its simpler to pick different dishes, part the dinner into two, or avoid a few additional items. 8. Request one supper and request an additional plate. Numerous eateries will do this for $1.00 or $1.50 extra and it’s well justified, despite all the trouble. At that point share the dinner with your companion and you split the cost straight down the center. Transform Eating Out Back into a Treat If you truly need to understand your weight issue, at that point first glance at where you eat, second what you eat, and third the amount you eat. On the off chance that you completely can’t quit any pretense of going to cafés or cheap food puts each day, at that point you should begin requesting plain, unadorned nourishments. I you can’t do what (I can’t) at that point simply go out less regularly. Transform it back into a treat, a unique event type thing, and afterward eat anything you desire. Find what works for you, and afterward do it. Train your Eye to Accept Less Food Start preparing your eye to acknowledge less food on the plate. We’ve instructed ourselves to anticipate stacks of food, however your body doesn’t need such gigantic amounts. To be honest, it takes a small measure of food to gracefully our required supplements.

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

In the event that they built up a pill that contained all the calories and supplements our bodies required, nobody would need to take it. We like to eat. Eating is pleasurable, it’s aspect of the cosmetics and experience of being human. Assume back responsibility for that generally essential of human needs. Cook at home for companions and bring bliss back into your life through food. In the event that I Ate Out More Often I’d Gain Weight – it’s That Simple I realize I keep up my weight with a normal of around 2,200 calories every day. That is more than most health food nuts make progress toward, so how would I pull off eating that much – I settle on better decisions. On the off chance that I began eating out at cafés all the more frequently, I’d unexpectedly be eating almost twofold what I eat now (calorie-wise), easily. Twofold the calories and learn to expect the unexpected. Weight gain won’t be a long ways behind. Attempting to profoundly change your way to deal with food or exercise is once in a while effective. More individuals that are effective at shedding pounds and keeping it off do as such by making changes and consolidating them into their way of life. Start now. Pick one propensity, (for example, eating out each day) or ordinary food you eat, and choose to scale back how frequently, or the amount. Set an arrangement, and do it. Make an arrangement with yourself and keep it. In the event that you discover you can’t – that you set yourself too severe a reduction, at that point change it and do it once more. Keep at it and you’ll be effective. On the off chance that you eat out each day during the week for lunch, here’s an arrangement to roll out a little improvement. Convey your lunch one day seven days, or spare the extra from supper out on Sunday night for lunch on Monday. Get along with your colleagues for a mobile lunch each Wednesday. On the off chance that there’s an exercise center or a wellness club in the region of your work, join alongside your colleagues and settle on a consent to turn out to be together three days every week, at noon. Take earthy colored sack nourishments you can eat at your work area back then. These little switches signify huge outcomes. Attempt a couple in your day by day life and see what occurs

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English Premier League is back

The Premier League season is broken down into four different divisions which include the Championship, League One, League Two and the National League. All four divisions have teams that will be competing in the playoffs. These playoff spots are based on regular season results and how many points the team holds. In order for any team to win the Championship it must have a better goal difference than their opponents.

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

The season is divided by weeks and the divisions are also broken down by league. Each division has four weeks during the season. During each week the teams play each other and a champion is crowned.

There are seven teams in each division with one team from outside of the division playing for the top spot. This means that if one team does not win their division they are guaranteed to not miss out on the playoffs. There are only four games played in the Championship while there are fourteen games played in the League. The playoffs consist of five games where the top four teams from each group play each other to see who wins.

The new Premier League has a format that involves the two teams finishing second and third and having a chance to overtake the leading team. These teams will face each other again in a final. If no team is able to overcome the lead they will be eliminated from the tournament. If a team manages to win two games in a row the other team will be relegated and one of the teams from the Conference will be champions. and play in the next season’s Championship.

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

The teams have an opportunity to change coaches throughout the season but the manager can not take over until the season ends. After the current manager leaves the team will have a certain amount of time to find a new management.

The top teams usually retain their status for at least one year meaning that Chelsea and Manchester City are likely to stay atop the ladder. The other two favorites may struggle in their second year in the league and could be left out for a third or fourth year as well.

Injury is an important factor that can affect how a team performs. This can affect them in the long run. It is important that they are able to maintain their strength in key positions in order to compete on all sides of the field. The team needs to be prepared to play every day so that there is constant competition.

Money is also another main factor to consider. While the big names always receive the most money, the bottom feeders can also win a large share of the money. So this is something that needs to be looked into.

Every club tries to increase their prize money which helps them with their budget and allow them to spend more time training players and improving the club. A lot of teams are working hard to improve their facilities.

The English Premier League provides a great atmosphere in many different cities across the country. They provide plenty of entertainment for fans and the people that go to these matches love to cheer on their teams. The excitement never seems to end during the season. It is an exciting time to be a fan of the English Premier League.

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga
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Exercises to Keep Fit at Home

Pushups for Perfect Body Weight

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Select a support point and make sure that your central is firm, your neck is straight and that your shoulders are not bent forward. Start lowering yourself with your elbows bent and just your chest reaches the ground, carry yourself back to the point where you started and unbend your elbows in the process. You can do 3 reps of 15-20 times each time if your maximum is under 75 times a day, however you can add to each set if you can.

Squats for Lower Body Strength

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Stand completely firm and unbent on any side. Your arms should be by your side while keeping your feet spread more than the width of your shoulders. Angle your knees to bring your hips down without bending your chest or downing your chin. Keep in mind that while you angle your knees, they should not go in or out and both your thighs should be in the same position. Slowly relax your arms forward, pause for one second and repeat.

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5 Smart Fitness Tips and Hints for Night Owls

5 Smart Fitness Tips and Hints for Night Owls

What does your day start with? We think that if you begin your routine with some physical activity, the rest of the day will be much more productive. We are sure that night owls will just love the following five exercises:

1. Stability ball

This tool can be found in all gyms. Fitness experts know that you can achieve better results if you include exercises with a stability ball in your workout routine. Watch videos online and you’ll see that you can use the ball to do planks, sit-ups and push-ups with it. Stability balls are cheap but the wide variety of activities you can do using it stuns!

2. Tai Chi

Oriental methods and relaxation techniques have been practiced for quite some time already. One of them would be Tai chi. It’s a form of martial arts that can be performed by both men and women of various age groups. Tai chi is a great way to start your day – this activity consists of flowing motions and gentle movements. It might even remind of dancing. Do it on your own or join a group. No more than half an hour per day is enough to charge you with energy. There are plenty of free classes offered online. 

5 Smart Fitness Tips and Hints for Night Owls Tai Chi
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Fitness Goals: Find Inspiration in Celebrity Home Workouts

With the world put under house-arrest, getting a workout in is like a game of cat and mouse but somehow our favourite celebrities still have managed to look as good as before, if not better.

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Image via @gisele/IG

It’s not black magic, even though it sometimes looks like it but actually, something far easier and attainable to do. These are all the tips, tricks and entire fitness routines of celebrities, which you can also follow while staying at home- no private gym needed!

Jennifer Lopez

The world watched in awe as Jennifer Lopez took the stage to perform at this year’s Super Bowl half time show. She showed off abs and a six-pack that are pretty impressive for anyone, let alone a woman of fifty!

10 Celebrities That Love Yoga

Image via @jlo/IG

The incredible powerhouse is passionate about working out and eating healthily and often speaks about the importance of positive body image. Lopez enjoys a variety of workouts, featuring exercises such as squats, lunges and planks, which can all be done at home.

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5 YouTube Exercise Videos That Will Keep You Fit At Home

Even though most of the gyms are closed, you can still keep your shape by doing these exercises at home. It will help you keep your body in shape and your mind focused.

1. The perfect workout

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or regular trainer, in Popsugar Fitness chanel i can guarantee that you can find one that suits you the most. This is our favourite from them, leading by the star coach, Jeanette Jenkins who also called as ‘Hollywood trainer’ because every big names doing her workouts. Queen Latifah, P!nk, Alicia Keys, Amber Rose, Serena Williams, just to name a few…

2. Rock hard ballerinas

Flik Swan and Victoria Marr are professional dancers, who created the fitness style of Sleek Technique. It includes flexibility, core strenght and graceful movement of a ballerina. It can help improving your everyday movement and straighten your posture. Don’t worry if seems hard at first, it is.