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Strictly Come Dancing’s Special Blackpool is cancelled due to COVID

Due to the COVID Pandemic Strictly Come Dance has cancelled its Blackpool special. 

The news has come from a BBC spokesperson to the MailOnline that they promise to celebrate the ‘iconic’ Venue from their studio situated in Elstree, North London; they can’t be traveling to the well-known Tower Ballroom in November.

To ensure the precautions due to Coronavirus diseases for the crew’s safety and the contestants, it also introduced many measures and delayed the launch till the end of October.

The statement of the BBC,s spokesperson reads: “Blackpool is a milestone moment in every series of Strictly that our audience, our celebs and professional dancers look forward to.”

News from the source to The Sun: “Nothing is being left to chance after this positive test. A lot of money has been spent on ensuring everyone on the show has access to testing.”

“If required, those taking part could even undergo daily checks to make sure they remain virus free.”

“The key thing for producers is knowing that if a case emerges that they can react to it to make sure it doesn’t become a massive crisis.”

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