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Strictly Come Dancing’s Tour Is Delayed Until 2022!!!

Strictly Come Dancing tour has been unlikely postponed and pushed back until 2022 because of the ongoing pandemic.

Strictly Come Dancing's Tour Is Delayed Until 2022!!!
(Image: PA)

The performances that are likely to see the professionals and their partners perform in arenas ace the full country have unfortunately delayed due to the crisis of COVID-19.

For the two sensational tours next year, all the professionals will be taking the road; it has already announced that Strictly’s fans are not supposed to go without their usual fix of sparkles and dancing.

Strictly Come Dancing's Tour Is Delayed Until 2022!!!
(Image: PA)

After the series has ended, the Strictly’s tour typically has gone to January, and with the live public/audience votes, the selection of the Celebrities and couples competes.

The major reason is social distancing, so the show will be delayed for at least a year and expected to be in January of 2022.

The following tour will be then traveled to different areas in Newcastle, Glasgow, London, Liverpool, Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, and Sheffield.

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