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Georgia Is Set To Tie Knot With Lee Elliott

Georgia is set to marry Lee Elliott as they have plans to marry before but canceled due to Covid-19, and the pair will have a destination wedding in Italy.

Georgia, Lee Elliott,

Georgia confirmed her love on Friday that she is finally ready and will tie the know with her fiancé in the next year, 2021.

With a festive photo that she posted on Instagram, she captioned and gave her followers a message that this will be their last Christmas before becoming wife and husband.

Georgia captioned: “Let’s get a nice photo of our last Christmas together before we’re married to show our future grandchildren.”

She added: “Merry Christmas from mine to yours.”

Georgia, Lee Elliott,

She was thrilled posing in the picture as she posed on the shoulder of Lee Elliott.

Their marriage plans were complicated to journey as the pair, Georgia and Lee Elliott, met in 2016 on The Bachelorette.

In September, she told The Herald Sun: “We have set a (wedding) date next year and are forging ahead hoping it is going to happen as we want it to.”

“We had planned an entire wedding for Italy and that has just gone completely out of the window,” Shd added.

“We then planned a wedding for Tasmania and that date has now changed.”

Georgia, Lee Elliott,

“We don’t want to have to plan a third wedding, but if it ends up that we have to postpone it we will do that,” she claims.

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