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Louise Redknapp And Jamie Reunites For Christmas, WOW!!!

Louise Redknapp has reunited with Jamie, her ex-husband, for a fantastic Christmas celebration and their two kids.

Louise Redknapp, Jamie,

The 46-year-old singer shared a Snap, sweet and lovely in her Instagram story from Christmas Day, which featured 12-year-old Beau and 16-year-old Charley unwrapping gifts, and they were kept like a mountain.

Jamie, a 47-year-old former footballer, has almost split about three years ago from Louise, and now he 8s watch his kids opening gifts by sitting on an armchair.

Louise pinned on Instagram as “Christmas Madness. Merry Christmas everyone.”

She was kept out of the kitchen and was told to “lay the table and get the drinks” but not to come and help in the kitchen.

She claims: “So today I’ve been told that my job is to stay out of the kitchen and, um, I lay the table and get the drinks!”

She wrote side by, “When you’re told to stay out of the kitchen.”

She shared a poem with her 716k social media followers that read, “Some days she’s a warrior. Some days she’s a broken mess.”

Louise Redknapp, Jamie,

“Most days she’s a bit of both. But everyday she’s there. Standing. Fighting. Trying.”

A source said in August: “Jamie feels ready to move on from Louise and is happy to be doing it with someone who has kids too and is financially secure.”

“It’s early days for Jamie and Frida, but they have grown close and are really enjoying spending time together when they can.”

Louise Redknapp, Jamie,