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Cardi B’s Daughter Gets A $1k Christmas Doll!

Cardi B’s daughter got an extravagant gift this Christmas as Cardi update on Instagram.

Cardi B, Kulture,

The Rapper, 28, showed to her followers the doll whois of $1,000, which she got from her dad as a Christmas gift to Kulture.

Cardi B has given an excellent review of the dop in her Instagram stories; the sweet picture showed that the girl was leaning on it as she was unwrapping her surprise.

The 2-year-old cute Kulture dressed up in a pink dress, and she was looking gorgeous with her outfit; Kulture loved her present.

Cardi can be heard in the background saying: “Dolce & Gabbana doll her daddy bought her. You love it?”

The moment of a surprise gift to Kulture came after CARDI B told Billboard: “I want her to grow up knowing how the world really is. My daughter came out of my p** rich. She lives a different lifestyle than I lived.”

Cardi B laughed and said: “She just wanna bother her sister.”

Cardi B, Kulture,

Cardi B captioned: “Next year imma just hire a photographer but they look so beautiful Merry Christmas….”

Recently she posted a video and penned on it by writing: “I really can’t believe this is my home. I be proud of us Everytime I’m here……excuse the wrapping mess.”

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