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Tammy Hembrow says She’s only an Instagram Model

Tammy Hembrow can only be an Instagram be she has a great fan following on Instagram boosting by a impressive 11.6 Million followers.

Tammy Hembrow says She's only an Instagram Model

Anyways Tammy Hembrow had hitted back as she had claimed that he is only an Instagram model.

By juggling her multimillion dollar motherhood and fitness empire, the model is running of her own feet.

She revealed this week to Courier Mail: “Everyone thinks I’m just an Instagram model yet, I have multiple businesses and I am a mum.”

“I am busy.”

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Tammy said while on the podcast with the Hembrows, despite her success that “life is non-stop work.”

She said to her sister’s Emilee and Amy: “I’ve been working heaps… Yeah, it’s crazy.”

“I’m lucky my businesses are going well and I have lots of things happening.”

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