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Tatler Survey Reveals, “The Duchess Shouldn’t Comment On US Politics”

A new survey suggests that more than two-thirds of the Britons believe that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry need to take away Their royal titles from them.

Tatler Survey Reveals, "The Duchess Shouldn't Comment On US Politics"
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Majority of respondents the Duchess of Sussex, 39, should never say on US politics, was shown by the study of the Magazine named Tatler.

Dailymail said, “The data, collected by research consultancy Savanta Comres, polled 4,174 British adults, only taking results from those who expressed an opinion when questioned.”

The Duchess now ‘wants to be president of the United States one day’ and it was concurred by almost 35 per cent.

The video which was posted by Harry and Megan which was giving a message to the Americans for voting and hinted to vote for Joe Biden.

The video was also drawing criticism from President Donald Trump.

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