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Teala Dunn Said She Is Tired Being A Sugar Mama

The star is a sugar mama, 23, and now she is overdoing it.

Teala Dunn Said She Is Tired Being A Sugar Mama
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Teala has been finding the perfect love for herself but not the fake love that LA’s models provide her.

The actress, who is also a YouTuber, confirmed when she is about and out in Los Angeles that she is currently not dating anyone; she reasoned that the right partner who loves genuinely is not that easy to find.

She mentioned: “I don’t know, I’m a very picky person, so it takes a while for me to like people. Like, ‘like-like’ them… so I don’t know.”

Teala Dunn said: “They have to have a good personality. They have to be passionate. They have to be successful on their own because I’ve been like a ‘sugar mama’ dating all these models out here in LA, and it’s old. I’m over it. I can’t do it again.”

“I’m tired of being a sugar mama. I’m over it.”

She said, “I just like when they can have their own thing going for them. I don’t like it when they latch onto what I’m doing.”

Teala insisted: “They have to be passionate,”

“They have to be respectful, passionate, funny, and cute.”

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