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‘THE BATMAN,’ Robert Pattison has been tested positive For CORONAVIRUS!!!

Robert Pattinson, an Entertainer along with his cast group of “Batman,” had been working outside the London in case shooting a superhuman film from about three months, as the creation ended in the March and the novel COVID spread through pieces of Europe. At that moment, the studio released that recording will be closed down for about fourteen days, and the recording of the film didn’t even start until recently.

‘THE BATMAN,' Robert Pattison has been tested positive For CORONAVIRUS!!!

As this time the star was reported positive for COVID, so the restarting of the film has been closed once more. Vanity Fair first reported, for another global blockbuster, derailing the studio’s hopes.

Warner Bros, In a statement on Thursday, have not identified Pattison and said: “the recording has paused temporarily,” he had not mentioned Pattison but said instead, “a member” has been tested positively and also “isolating under established protocols” for the virus which is causing disease Coronavirus.

Hollywood has been dramatically affected by the coronavirus, which is forcing the filming studious to find new ways to start making films and tv shows.
After several months on hiatus, crews and cast on shows are recently returning to work with modified guidelines and rules.

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