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The Most Exceptional Cars From 007

Extravagant vehicles and James Bond have gotten equivalent. There are no 007 movies where the watchers don’t get the chance to see Bond pull off a dangerous trick within a smooth vehicle complete with crazy contraptions. “007, may I remind you, you have a permit to slaughter, not to overstep the transit regulations.” How can he not ignore the guidelines while within a 2002 Jaguar XKR? Bond’s ride assortment all through the establishment is sufficient to dazzle the greatest vehicle aficionados. Here are probably the best Bond vehicles.

Which one is your favorite?

2015 Aston Martin DB10 – Spectre

We wanted to start things off with this beautiful piece of mechanical bliss. The 2015 Aston Martin DB10 from Spectre is not only sleek, but it’s highly rare. This is a prototype, and there are only ten in the world. They specially made this one for James Bond.james bond -492237316ALAIN JOCARD/AFP via Getty Images

If you’re a Bond fan and you have money in the reserves, you could buy one of these for $3.5 million. That’s how much the last one sold for, but we doubt it’ll be on the market again anytime soon.

2002 Ford Thunderbird – Die Another Day

the thunderbird Sony Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Die Another Day features one of the most hyped Bond girls ever, Halle Berry as Jinx. The 2002 Ford Thunderbird wasn’t Bond’s actual car, but rather what Jinx arrived in for a party.

It’s sleek, red, and compliments Berry exceptionally well. We’re sad Bond didn’t get to use it, but we’re sure he would have made it look even more sensational. This car is on the market, and you can find it priced between $8,000 and $30,000 depending on the condition.

1996 BMW Z3 – Goldeneye

BMW Z3Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

In the Bond franchise, Pierce Brosnan became one of the more popular actors to portray the secret agent. During his run, Goldeneye stood out as one of his better performances, and the cars in it were sweet.

One of them worth mentioning is the 1996 BMW Z3. The surprising part is that you can own one of these for a considerably low price. Q, Bond’s boss, gave him this vehicle, so to be able to own one at a price somewhere between $4,000 and $9,000 is a great deal.

A car that goes from land to sea is up next!

1976 Lotus Esprit S1 – The Spy Who Loved Me

1976 Lotus Esprit S1Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

We’ve seen Bond pull off plenty of wild tricks over time, but the stunt he did in The Spy Who Loved Me was pretty insane. After a big car chase on land, the 1976 Lotus Esprit S1 plunged right into the water and transformed into a submarine!

The chasing takes place underwater, made the Lotus Esprit S1 one of the most unique and unusual cars throughout the franchise. They should consider bringing something like back into the mix.

1967 Toyota 2000GT – You Only Live Twice

You Only Live Twice Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

Here we have another vehicle that Bond didn’t drive, but rather Japanese S.I.S Agent Aki. She showed up to save Bond from a sour death and proceeded to show off some impressive driving skills.

The crazy part about this car is that Toyota hadn’t put the 2000GT into full production yet at the time of You Only Live Twice. They had to customize this version so that Sean Connery wouldn’t look ridiculous with his head sticking out from the top. Converting it to a roadster from a convertible was the best plan of action.

1999 BMW Z8 – The World Is Not Enough

james bond Sony Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer

Bond brought back the BMW Z8 in The World Is Not Enough after it received tons of fanfare from Goldeneye. While they didn’t even use the Goldeneye version that much, things changed this time around.

This version of the vehicle featured tiny missiles that erected from the side gills that Bond could control with the steering wheel. When this vehicle experienced the fate of getting chopped in half with helicopter blades, audiences everywhere groaned with dissatisfaction.

1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air – Dr. No

Dr. No Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

Sean Connery starred in the Dr. No Bond film, which featured a classic ride. The first car ever driven in the Bond franchise is the 1957 Chevrolet Bel-Air that makes you want to cruise the California highway.

The hype around this vehicle skyrocketed not long after the release of this movie, which increased the price too. Purchasing one can set you back anywhere between $13,000 and $130,000, but at least it’s not as expensive as the DB10.

An American muscle classic is up next!

1971 Ford Mustang Mach 1 – Diamonds Are Forever

mustang Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

Bond and Tiffany Case ride in the Ford Mustang Mach 1 as they evade the police through downtown Las Vegas in Diamonds Are Forever. Fans got to witness the famous scene where the Mustang goes on two wheels, helping add to the allure of 007.

Director of this film, Guy Hamilton, hated American muscle, so he had much delight when he got to destroy the Mach 1 in the filming process. Ford provided the Bond producers with eight revised versions of this car.

1995 Ferrari 355 GTS – Goldeneye

1995 Ferrari Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

Actress extraordinaire Famke Janssen had the honors of driving the 1995 Ferrari 355 GTS from Goldeneye, and it was a beautiful sight. Janssen played Xenia Onatopp, the femme fatale of the movie, and used this beast to challenge Bond to a race!

The two raced in the mountains of Monte Carlo, and it was one of the most adventurous scenes in the film. The price for one of these runs somewhere between $70,000 and $90,000 if you’re in the market.

1981 Lotus Esprit Turbo – For Your Eyes Only

Lotus Esprit TurboDanjaq, S.A.

For Your Eyes Only featured an incredible-looking Lotus Esprit Turbo that Roger Moore’s Bond drives around the ski resort town of Cortina d’Ampezzo. It had a deep red paint, clean vinyl, and gold wheels to top it off.

This was a slightly upgraded version of the Esprit S1 from The Spy Who Loved Me. It couldn’t transform into a submarine, but it packed way more horsepower, coming in at 210, compared to the previous 160.

Aston Martin Valhalla – No Time To Die

no time to die Owen Humphreys/PA Images via Getty Images

Many things from the Bond franchise are unattainable, but we’re not talking gadgets strictly. No Time Die features the Aston Martin Valhalla, a car no one could drive except James Bond.

Before filming began for the last Daniel Craig Bond film, Eon Productions got in touch with Aston Special Operations Team. “If you can get us a drivable Valhalla,” they said, “then it will feature in the film.” Since they didn’t have that readily available, they went ahead and made one.

Another classic Aston Martin is just ahead!

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series III – The Living Daylights

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series IIIMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

The 1987 Bond film, The Living Daylights, starred Timothy Dalton as 007, with Maryam d’Abo as his leading lady. Many feel the Dalton Bond films weren’t that spectacular, but you can’t say that about the cars.

In The Living Daylights, we get to see the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Series III race away in the snow as a small building behind it blows up. That’s just an overall beautiful thing to look at on the big screen. This was also the car labeled as the first supercar by the British.

Renault 11 TXE – A View To A Kill

Renault 11 TXEMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

Take a look at the Renault 11 TXE from A View to a Kill. It doesn’t look like much compared to any of the others we’ve listed, but that’s okay. Roger Moore played Bond as he needed to get away from Grace Jones, so he hijacked this ride.

The best part about it is how durable it was. It’s ability to avoid destruction and keep on pushing made this vehicle highly entertaining to watch. Not only did the roof get chopped off, but so did the back end of it, but the French car kept on going!

Ashton Martin Vanquish – Die Another Day

die another day William Conran – PA Images/PA Images via Getty Images

Pierce Brosnan played the Bond role perfectly, and in Die Another Day, he received the best fit for his character. Brosnan had the honor of sporting one of the more bullish and muscular Bond cars we’ve seen, the Aston Martin Vanquish.

It had a neat trick that let it go invisible, and it had rockets that came out of the front grill. Sadly, the DB5 eventually took over for the Vanquish, but it’s one 007 car for the books.

Jaguar CX-75 – Spectre

jaguar cx-75 Ian Gavan/Getty Images for Jaguar Land Rover

As we become more technologically advanced in the world, Bond gets better cars. Daniel Craig gets the pleasure of at least witnessing some of the sweetest rides ever seen, and the Jaguar CX-75 from Spectre was no different.

The Jaguar was the bad guy’s car in this film, and it was an extraordinary sight. Craig chases this beast around Rome in his Aston Martin DB10, so it makes it look even better. We’re only slightly jealous this franchise gets to utilize cars that don’t go into full production.

A car that can be found for an affordable price today is next!

1970 Triumph Stag – Diamonds Are Forever

Diamonds are forever Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

Before Bond pulled off his sideway antics in the Mustang from Diamonds Are Forever, he drove a Triumph Stag. He drives the beauty to Amsterdam when he poses as a diamond smuggler called Franks.

This wasn’t even a car Q got to upgrade with different kinds of gadgets. It was a regular Triumph Bond happily drove in another country. It’s a Bond car that many viewers can own if they want to without breaking the bank.

BMW R 1200 C Cruiser – Tomorrow Never Dies

BMW R 1200 C CruiserMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

It isn’t a car, but Pierce Brosnan drove this BMW R 1200 C Cruiser like one! Handcuffed to another secret agent, Bond jumps across multiple rooftops before leaping over the blades of a helicopter!

It was a magical scene to see, as it gave Bond a little more style than usual in his four-wheel vehicles. Brosnan’s Bond’s had an obsession with Beemers, so this bike fit well. No car, no problem, Bond still got the job done in it.

Mercury Cougar XR7 – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

Mercury Cougar XR7Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

George Lazenby stars as Bond in On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, but it’s his wife’s car we want to show off. Diana Rigg drove this Mercury Cougar XR7, and it set the bar high for Bond films after 1969.

The moment this vehicle appears on the Portuguese coast, it wants all the attention. Then, we get to see it used as an escape car in Switzerland as it maneuvers through the snow, which is probably the best high-speed chase in the franchise through snowy weather.

Aston Martin DB5 – Goldfinger

GoldfingerMetro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

Arguably the most iconic Bond car is the Aston Martin DB5 from the Goldfinger film. It fit Sean Connery’s style like a glove and looked like it fell from the heavens above.

Fans can see this beautiful vehicle again, equipped with a few tricks in No Time To Die. It has oil slicks, smoke screens, and who can forget about the machine guns? It can pull all of this off while maintaining the sophisticated look a Bond car needs to possess.

1958 Bentley S1 – A View To A Kill

Bentley Matt Cardy/Getty Images

When you’re going out looking to buy horses, you must do it in a Bentley. That’s the law after Bond did it in A View to a Kill, as he went undercover as a prospective horse buyer.

They called it a Rolls-Royce in the film, but its really a Bentley S1, owned by producer Cubby Broccoli. Out of all the Bond cars we’ve showcased, this might be the most luxurious one strictly based on its namesake. When you think Bentley, you think class.

1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III – Goldfinger

2020-03-16 15_38_51-Bond Cars_ Ranked by Value (2018 Edition)MGM

The 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III was the car of choice for Goldfinger, the villain in the James Bond movie named after him. Part of what makes this beauty stand out is that its interior panels are highlighted by gold.

If you want to get your hands on one of these for yourself, it could cost you anywhere from $100,000 to $700,000. It’s all based on the specifications of the model. If you want gold plated everything it will probably cost you a whole lot more!

2008 Alfa Romeo 159 – Quantum of Solace

The 2009 Alfa 159 Limited James Bond Edition is pictured in a parking lot.YouTube/World Auto

Despite being a slick car, the Alfa Romeo 159 wasn’t driven by Bond. Instead, Bond’s enemies drove this car in the beginning of Quantum of Solace. Even so, Alfa Romeo was so thrilled about the car’s cameo that they released a James Bond version, which included a stick shift and Oppo spec.

Unfortunately, the 159 didn’t sell well in America. Some car hunters can find it in the UK, with offers varying from $4,000 to $13,000 depending on the model. When you see it without the dirt from the chase scene, it’ll look far more worth it.

2006 Ford Mondeo – Casino Royale

ford mondeo-1197353563PIERRE VERDY / AFP) (Photo by PIERRE VERDY/AFP via Getty Images

You probably wouldn’t believe it, but the price of the 2006 Ford Mondeo from Casino Royale was higher than all the Aston Martins in the film. This is because the car was a prototype.

Who better to test out a vehicle than Bond himself? It was hard not to spot out all the product placement in the film as the car graces the screen. When Bond races through the Bahamas, the camera stares right at this Ford creation.

2007 Land Rover Defender Double Cad – Sky Fall

skyfallDanjaq, S.A.

The moment Sky Fall kicks off, there’s an intense car chase taking place. We see MoneyPenny’s Land Rover Defender and agent Patrice’s 2007 Audi A5, two masterful vehicles perfectly suited for a Bond film.

Even while racing through the crowded streets of Istanbul, the Defender proves it can maneuver with the best of them. MoneyPenny only loses some mirrors during the fiasco. Land Rover made seven of these trucks for the film, and one ended up getting auctioned away on eBay for $85,000.

2008 Volvo S40 T5 R-Design – Quantum Of Solace

volvo bond Eon ProductionsMetro-Goldwyn-MayerColumbia Pictures

Here we have another car that was pretty much only in the film for some high-end product placement. Bond began tailing Dominic Greene in a vehicle no one would expect a double-0 agent to be inside of, a 2008 Volvo S40 T5.

There’s a good reason why so many Ford cars get the special treatment with the latest 007. They struck up quite a good sponsorship deal. It wasn’t the flashiest, but it got the job done.

2011 Jaguar XJ – Sky Fall

up close -566072027Myung J. Chun/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

Sky Fall pulled out all the stops, and the cars are no exception. Bond drives the Jaguar XJ when he “kidnaps” Judia Dench in the film. Car fans saw this car before the film, when Motor Trend revealed an expose of the movie’s rides.

The beautiful car is a modern remake of the 1968 XJ, but with a few changes. The 2011 version has more cast nodes and rubber isolation bushings. An XJ costs $72,500, and you can upgrade to an XJ Supercharged for an extra $15,000.

1981 Alfa Romeo GTV – Octopussy

bond car-1181830621National Motor Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images

In 1981, the Alfa Romeo GTV was fast, sleek, and popular, so it’s no wonder that it appeared in Octopussy. In the film, Bond steals this car from a German woman in a payphone as the police pursue him on BMW bikes.

The GTV was advertised as a high-end “cheap” sports car, relatively speaking. Its sleek lines add an attractive accent to the hatchback of its predecessor, the Alfetta GT. This car is incredibly hard to find, and those that pop up usually go for around $18,000.

1981 Citroen 2 CV – For Your Eyes Only

bond car Eon Productions

If you loved the Hector Gonzalez escape scene in For Your Eyes Only, you may recognize the Citroen 2 CV. Bond and Melina rushed out of Gonzalez’s villain this car. Although 2 CV’s usually have 29 HP, the car was upgraded to 54 HP to perform the stunts seen in the film.

Bond drove a yellow Citroen 2 CV in the movie, but other colors like orange, red, and white are available. Occasionally, you can find these cars pop up at auctions for anywhere from $16,000 or $22,500.

1965 Ford Mustang Convertible – Thunderball

james bond Eon Productions

In one of Thunderball’s most iconic scenes, James Bond drives the 1965 Ford Mustang at 100 MPH down a dimly-lit road before screeching to a halt by the front lobby of his hotel. The car was likely upgraded with a new barrel to pull off this stunt, but Mustang never released a statement about it.

For Mustangs go on sale every now and again, but few are convertibles like you see in the movie. Used and new models range from $28,000 to $60,000. Finding a model in a light teal color, like in the movie, is an even harder task.

1968 Aston Martin DBS Vantage – On Her Majesty’s Secret Service

beach bond car Pinterest

The Aston Martin DBS was the car star of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Actor George Lazenby drove the car that can shoot up to 150 mph, thanks to its 181 hp straight-6 engine. Used DBS’s still pop up today, and if you’re lucky enough, you can find one.

Unlike Bond’s previous cars, no gadgets appeared in the Aston Martin DBS. It must have remained popular nonetheless, because vintage DBS’s reappeared for sale after 30 years. They can cost up to $73,500, even if they’re used.

1984 Chevrolet Corvette C4 – A View To A Kill

a view to kill Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

We didn’t know a Russian spy would appreciate American sports cars, but A View to a Kill set us straight. When A View to a Kill finally released, the 1984, Chevy Corvette already had a tremendous first year in sales.

In the movie, we see that this sweet ride has a premium cassette player as Bond switches out Pola Ivanova recorded conversations. Always like Bond to make a fool of the enemy in the most sophisticated manner.

1997 BMW 750 iL – Tomorrow Never Dies

james bond Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

Although the BMW 750 iL doesn’t seem like a picturesque Bond car, it pulled off the Atlantic Hotel Parking chase scene in Tomorrow Never Dies. The 750 iL’s 5-liter V12 engine came with 300 HP, and even without the gadgets, it’s impressive.

For the films, BMW provided several 750 iL’s to the set, with only a few equipped for the chase scene. If you can find a used version, it’ll go for only $5,000, but they won’t look as sleek as they do in the movies.

2006 Aston Martin DBS V12 – Casino Royale

bond getting out of car pinterest

For Casino Royale, the film crew needed the Aston Martin DBS V12 to roll, which proved to be very difficult. The DBS isn’t meant to roll; the ramps wouldn’t even work six out of seven times. But this car was chosen for its beautiful look, not its ability to crash.

A 2006 DBS is hard to find these days, and they can cost around $87,000. In 2012, one of the damaged cars used in the film was on display at the National Motor Museum. Needless to say, it’s still highly sought after today.

1961 Sunbeam Alpine Roadster – Dr. No

bond on gravel Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

The 1961 Sunbeam Alpine Roadster deserves credit for being Bond’s first car. Unlike other cars in the series, the film crew likely didn’t receive it from the production company. According to legend, they borrowed it from a local Jamaican for $1.15 to use in the film.

The Sunbeam pales in comparison to Bond’s other cars, since it could barely touch 100 mph. Although you can find 1962 Sunbeans, 1961 versions are harder. Expect to pay at least $19,000 for Bond’s original car.

1974 AMC Hornet – The Man With The Golden Gun

james bond United Artists

These days, you might see CGI in movies that don’t need those type of special effects, but they use it anyways. That’s just where the evolution of films is at now.

In 1974, using computer-aided designs probably wasn’t on anyone’s mind. For The Man With The Golden Gun, they utilized a little CAD for a stunt they could only do once. The 1974 AMC Hornet was the test subject and it ended up working to perfection thanks to a little help from supercomputers from Cornell University.

1935 Bentley 3.5 Mark IV – From Russia With Love

1935 james United Artists

Leave it up to Bond to have a high-tech car way in 1963. His weekend vehicle, the 1935 Bently 3.5 Mark IV had a car phone in it. That’s way ahead of its time.

While the Aston Martin is what Bond fans recognize as the vehicle closely related to 007, the Bentley has a special spot for Bond as well on his car list. The man who wrote Bond’s unofficial biography, John Pearson, says the Bentley represented the best of Europe.

1983 Bajaj RE – Octopussy

older carEon Productions

Octopussy featured one of the most unique cars Bond has ever stepped foot inside. He doesn’t drive it himself, but the way he used it to get away is well worth including in this article.

These vehicles have engines that possess enough power to carry around the driver and a few passengers. We’re talking about 20 HP at best, but Bond and the person manning this Bajaj manage to pull off a wheelie as they escape.

Honda US90 ATV – Diamonds Are Forever

bond Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists

Yet again, we have another vehicle that isn’t a car, but it’s something we had to include the Honda US90 ATV had Bond crouching like a toddler as he drove it, but it made for a cool scene.

The three-wheeled Honda had a brief moment in the spotlight when 007 knocks a guard off of one so that he can get out of dodge and connect with Tiffany Case. That’s when she’s in the ’65 Ford Mustang.

1983 Ford LTD – A View To A Kill

classic bond car Eon Productions

Here we have another less flashy Bond car, but one still worth mentioning. There were plenty less than popular vehicles Bond drove in during the mid-’80s and the 1983 Ford LTD was one of them.

We see him in it as he exits San Francisco so that he could follow Stacy Sutton on her way to her private mansion. He wanted to remain low-key and thats exactly what he did when he chose to ride this.

1965 Mercedes 250SE – Octopussy

bond car Eon Productions

Not flashy, but for sure a classic the 1965 Mercedes 259SE is. It didn’t have all the gadgets, but this Mercedes had one of the best tricks up its sleeve hidden in the steel wheels.

After Bond gets himself into trouble with henchmen and thugs, they all start shooting at him, but he gets inside the 250SE and bends a corner on two wheels. The underbody served as a shield from all the fire raining on him!

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