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These Creatures In The Wild Don’t Abide By Gender Roles

An easy way to stir the pot with people is to bring up gender roles. Many believe that gender is fluid, and one should not get confined to the role given at birth. The argument has many truths and valid points. Animals also provide a reason to understand this stance that individuals take to heart. Did you know that there are animals that change from male to female naturally? Read through to find out how animals and insects break the gender norms. You’d be surprised to see how similar these creatures are to humans and what we can learn from them.

Clownfish Have Mastered The System

These underwater creatures are all born as males, but things get interesting as their lives go on. A female fish leads the clownfish, but how is this possible if they’re all born male?AFP_IW1H1


Whenever the lead female fish dies, the next biggest male then becomes a female and takes over. Clownfish is one of the few species that are capable of changing genders and are led by the female.

Komodo Don’t Need A Man



Some women of the world might be able to relate to the female Komodo dragon more than they think. This female lizard is capable of laying eggs and creating offspring without a male mate. There is no exact number on how many raise their children without a male present, but we imagine they’re out there.

There are many single women who take care of their children every day without a father present. Of course, having both parents available is the best option, but one should never feel they need their counterpart. These dragons are doing just fine.

The Jacanas Reverse Roles


Jie Zhao/Corbis via Getty Images

The male jacanas are the best fathers of any tropical bird. While the females get to relax a bit more, the males incubate the eggs and raise their offspring. Meanwhile, the female jacanas are far from nurturing.

Not only are the female jacanas not tending to the little ones, but they travel off and mate with dozens of other males. Along the process, the female jacanas also kill rival ladybirds. It’s considered flattering, but let’s hope the little ones don’t know what mom is up to.

A Mantis Must Keep Its Head On A Swivel

A Mantis Must Keep Its Head On A Swivel

Andia/UIG via Getty Images

Something humans don’t see much of is the female being bigger than the male. Guys naturally dwarf women with some exceptions around the world. That is not the case for the praying mantis.

The male mantis is often way smaller than the female mantis. This trait leaves the male with a sense of insecurity because it allows the female mantis to eat their mate’s heads after they do the deed. It isn’t all the time, but more often than not.

Watch Where You Hatch The Bearded Dragon

Watch Where You Hatch The Bearded Dragon

DeAgostini/Getty Images

The bearded dragon is another animal capable of switching genders. Unlike the clownfish, these reptiles change while in the egg. This only happens if the temperature is warm enough during egg incubation. The males turn into females, but not so cleanly.

While they maintain male genetics, they go about their lives acting like females and reproduce like them. They even lay double the number of eggs as the typical female. And thanks to the rising global temperatures, the sex reversal is happening more often.

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